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 Are you serious new painter wondering how to improve your skills and master specific techniques?

Are you an experienced artist who wants to ‘fill in the blanks'?

“I have learned more in this course than in a year of art school. This is the resource that I send people to when they want to start painting.” - Jessica 



Discover THE AAO CORE Acrylic Painting Program

Recommended for all levels!


Each of the 27 lessons in The AAO CORE program is designed to teach you more than a whole semester in traditional art school!

Work at your own pace and get unlimited instructor support inside our exclusive AAO CORE Facebook group!


How does it work?

  1. Join The AAO CORE by purchasing one or all of The AAO CORE Programs. 
  2. Get added to The AAO CORE Facebook group.
  3. Start painting lesson one. 
  4. Post photos of your work to the The AAO CORE Facebook group for Instructor feedback - don’t worry about others seeing or judging your work…you’re now part of the AAO family where everyone is at different levels and everyone learns from each others feedback.
  5. Complete the 27 lessons and receive your AAO CORE Certificate - if you wish to start teaching, simply get critiqued & fill out the Teacher Application Form!


What do you get?

  • 27 Ultra-Detailed individual acrylic painting lessons - presented with easy-to-follow written instruction, video demonstrations, verbal explanations and photos! 
  • Unlimited Student Support With Unlimited Feedback
  • No expiry - learn at your own pace.


What will you learn?

The primary concepts of art theory, craftsmanship, as well as the 15 standard painting techniques. 


Course Objectives


  • Craftsmanship - Artist’s Tools & Supplies
  • Surface Preparation
  • Value Relative to Composition & Light
  • Learn to create 3-Dimensional Form
  • Traditional Painting Techniques & Brushwork
  • Introduction to Colour Theory
  • Landscape Painting
  • Still Life Painting
  • Painting Backgrounds
  • Working with a Light Source
  • Direct and Indirect Painting Methods 
  • Shadows and Perspective
  • Traditional Stroke Work


Testimonials - Why do our students love The AAO Core Program?

PROFESSIONAL & INTERACTIVE - “The video instruction is very professional and the classroom forums provide a friendly, interactive student/teacher community.

PROGRESSIVE LEARNING - “THE CORE covers the most important fundamentals of beginner acrylic painting to be able to learn painting step by step, develop, and become confident as an artist. The material is comprehensive and always presented step by step.”

TIMING & TUITION COSTS - "Students can access the website, classroom, and a wealth of resources on their own day-to-day schedule. Not to mention, this course comes at an affordable cost to all."

UNLIMITED ACCESS - "The course never runs out! You can keep on learning in your own time frame and at your own pace!"

ART FUNDAMENTALS & PROGRESSIVE LEARNING - “Each painting exercise is taught in a methodical, step by step manner, to make it practical for new & experienced art students to grasp & understand the practical application of painting.”

 FLEXIBLE - "Fits Painting into your schedule. Students can access the website, classroom, and AAO’s wealth of resources on their own day-to-day schedule. 24/7 - 365...and onwards."



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