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Painting Fun with Folk Art

Posted by Neadeen Masters on 16th May 2015

Folk art is a utilitarian form of art created by different cultures. This style of art is as broad as the cultures themselves. The art works express cultural identity by conveying the aesthetics and values of each in a unique way. Today, collectors from around the world are preserving cultures and making these unique artworks more visible to everyone. 

Over the last century, there are even museums dedicated to preserving the earlier works, now deemed highly valuable. Every culture has some form of creative expression. Folk art isn't new, and it doesn't follow the same paths or art movements traditionally referred to as fine art, but none the less these forms of art are equally beautiful in their own way.

Folk art designs are painted on multiple surfaces, from wood to cloth, clay or metal, and the popular decorative tin items we have come to love. The beauty of folk art styles lies in the raw simplicity of the artwork. 

Part of the appeal of collecting or painting folk art styles is discovering the hidden stories and meanings represented by the use of color, design elements, and the historical reference of each style. If you haven't painted any of these styles, you're in for a treat. Easy painting and a fun way to decorate any surface in the home!

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