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How Classes Work

How does an online art class work? It's very simple! It all starts from your home via your computer...
  • After purchasing the online art class of your choice, (within a few hours) you will be instructed via email how to enter your online classroom. You will then have access to the supply sheets and class materials in your classroom.
  • Lessons, instructional videos and class forums are all open for your convenience 24/7.
  • You may download the supply sheet, and the written lessons, gather your supplies, paint along with the class videos and start your painting in the comfort of your own home.
  • Work at your own pace and in your timetable.
  • At any stage you may upload a photograph of your 'work in progress' to your classroom forums and ask for helpful tips and feedback from the art teacher.
  • As you continue learning to paint you may do this and ask questions as often as you need to. There is no limit to feedback. 
  • We're always here to help and provide feedback for you. 
Flexible, Fun and Full of Feedback!

Our instructors are artists who take what we do seriously. We are often right on the other side of your computer screen to help you receive a response to your questions quickly.

You will enjoy getting feedback, and art critiques in the classroom forums. (Only if you want them) Our teachers love what they do. Providing helpful detailed critiques to you, or giving a simple thumbs up, will help you move on to the next stage of the lesson and help you grow as an artist.

Online art classes can be very interactive and you can also ask for input from other students. There's nothing like painting with like minded folks and you will have fun doing so too! You will even make new friends when you share your painting experiences and interact in forums and other classes.

Watch your confidence and skills grow as you receive encouragement and valuable feedback from experienced instructors who are there to help you every step of the way.


Top Ten Reasons for Taking Online Art Classes At The Art Apprentice Online

  • Choice Is Only A Click Away! Online art classes allow you to select the paint type (media) that you want to use. Although you may be interested in all media or styles, you might find that you’ll become passionate about one media in particular. Whether you want to learn about water colors, acrylics, or oils there will be online art classes to suit your painting needs.
  • Flexibility – Being flexible in today’s fast and busy world is a real bonus for those of us with full time jobs, young families or the demands of aging parents! The virtual classrooms allow you to learn in a structured environment when the time suits youand your schedule.
  • Target Your Specific Artistic Interests. The online painting environment allows you to learn quickly. Zone in on what you want to learn. You do not need to learn numerous amounts of things that may have no relevance to what you want to paint. You can easily select the learning techniques that are important to you. Some people feel overwhelmed when they have to learn techniques that they do not want to use. Painting should be an enjoyable hobby for you to indulge in, and never feel like a chore.
  • Work At Your Own Pace. For many new art students, the ticking of the clock adds another level of stress to the whole ‘learn to paint’ experience. Online classes allow the student unlimited access to the art instructor, classroom video demonstrations and text lessons. They can be viewed over and over in the privacy of your home. Within a very short space of time you will be painting with confidence, and enjoying every moment of creating incredible pieces of art. You set the pace.
  • Best Seat In The House. There’s nothing like having the best seat in the house. When you learn to paint, you need to see exactly what the instructor is doing. Being up close and personal watching the teachers every move is a real plus. Video demonstrations put you right next to the instructors, with a clear view of everything they do.
  • Teacher Feedback. There is unlimited feedback from your online instructors. It’s there for the asking. Evaluations, critiques and support help to make the learning experience a positive and rewarding one for you.
  • Affordability and Value. In the past, you may have felt that learning to paint was far too expensive; however, learning online is the most effective and affordable way to fulfill your dreams. People want great value for money with everything they do, and learning a new skill online is the ultimate way to achieve the best value for your money. Cut out the travel expenses and invest in your painting instead!
  • No Boundaries. There are no boundaries apart from your own imagination when you pick up the paint brush. Online classes will inspire you to perform to a higher standard. Everyone has the talents to become an artist if the resources are provided for them to succeed. There is nothing stopping you from joining your online painting class today, and fulfilling those dreams.
  • SpontaneityPaint when you are in the mood…paint in your PJ’s at 2 am! Paint on your day off, or on Sunday morning before the kids get up. Paint when YOU want to. The online classroom is open 24/7 and 365 days a year. Online art classes put you in control of your painting schedule!
  • Community – Make new friends and become a contributing member of our online community of artists! There’s nothing like discovering a new passion with like minded folks. Join others to share successes, gain support and master your challenges. Most of all, meet other new artists experiencing the same things you are.
  • Unlimited Access - Your time never runs out! 

Ask lots of questions. You'll gain a better understanding by asking questions and you'll learn how to get the most out of each painting experience. No question is silly, your classmates and your teachers are all wanting to help you learn and you'll have fun doing so.

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