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e-Video Painting CLASS - Marine Life -Turtle Tag & Turtle Reef - Neadeen Masters - Acrylic

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e-Video Painting CLASS -  Marine Life -Turtle Tag & Turtle Reef - Neadeen Masters  - Acrylic

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 e-Video Painting Class

Marine Life - How to Paint Turtles? 

Learn to Paint Sea Turtles, Tropical fish, Bubbles and More! 


               Create two sea turtle paintings in this class!!


Painting underwater marine life has always been a popular topic with artists. You are reading this, perhaps because they attract you too! All marine life, sea turtles, reef fish and beautiful corals offer artists a wide variety of colors and textures to paint. Years ago I took up scuba diving as a way to see for myself the natural beauty of these creatures, I was not disappointed and I was hooked!  

You are probably looking to learn how to paint these creatures in their natural habitats and to learn the secrets of making them come alive on your canvas. When it comes to portraying underwater light and reflections, there needs to be an understanding of how water impacts the colors of what we see. This class will fill in all the blanks and lots more.


                     Understanding How Light works

               In Underwater Settings and Marine Life

  • Learn how to paint underwater light.
  • Learn how to create underwater 'caustics' and underwater light patterns.
  • Learn How to paint underwater scenes.


                    Marine Life - Turtle Tag & Turtle Reef

  • This  painting class is designed for the artist who wishes to learn the nuances of painting objects under water.
  • Emphasis is placed on creating the effects of light on color and form.
  • Discover many different painting techniques, several of which are transferable to other underwater subjects.
  • Learn painting techniques necessary to develop depth and dimension.
  • Learn to paint underwater shadows and color contrasts ranging from background atmosphere, hard and soft, and lost and found edges for establishing dimension.
  • Learn how to handle the color palette in regards to underwater light.
  • Understand how water creates distortion.  


                        How Is This Online Class Taught?

The two completed paintings, 'Turtle Tag' and 'Turtle Reef 'will utilize all the techniques taught throughout this in-depth study.

The class begins with the turtle study...


                                    Video Instruction

Instructor/artist Neadeen Masters begins the class with several short videos explaining the concepts of the first composition - Turtle Tag. The first painting starts out with step by step explanations and videos showing the background support of the painting. Students can follow along each step of the way. (see above)

Next the blocking-in of color for the underpainting is explained and demonstrated. Neadeen explains each step, showing the mixing of colors, the brushes and painting technique used for each stage. There is no shortage of explanations.


  • Prior to starting the first of two painted studies, you’ll have a well-rounded view of the subjects we’re covering. As we move through the course videos and written lessons together, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment with each video demonstration and painting step.

                                Detailed Explanations from the Instructor


        Paint Along with the Step By Step Video lessons and Photographs


Reference Materials and Step by Step Lessons


  • Reference Materials - Students are provided with reference materials and line drawings for painting each of the underwater studies. There is no worry about you having to know how to draw your subject. These are all skills and practices that will serve you well as you paint other animals and sea life in the future.
  • Written Lessons - Painting along with the classroom videos and following the step by step written lessons makes the process a rich and enjoyable learning experience for you.
  • Class Videos - Each painting is demonstrated via several hours of video. Neadeen leaves nothing out and shares with you the entire painting process. You will not have to guess what the steps are, they are all laid out for you to learn from.

                                                                           Second Study - Turtle Reef


Turtle Reef - this is an underwater scene of marine life that also includes a green sea turtle. Have fun with the second painting as you create your own coral composition along with the tropical fish and a young sea turtle.

In the second study, color mixing and brush technique are stressed as well as creating the illusion of textures on corals... This segment of the class places the emphasis on the effects of underwater light on color.

  • The teachers contact information is provided in the text lessons and she is happy to answer questions and offers critiques as requested.
  • Painting Media - Acrylic
  • Students have unlimited class access - your time doesn't run out.
  • Instructor feedback  and help is unlimited
  • Students work at their own pace
Note:    When you purchase this class you receive an automatically generated email  Order Confirmation containing the lesson materials and links for the painting lessons.   You will open the email, click on the links and save the files so you will continue to have access.

Overall Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how object’s colors are affected by water, distance and distortion.
  • Understand the relationship between light and water.
  • Learn to see lost and found edges.
  • Learn to see how lost and found edges create dimension.
  • Learn and appreciate the reflective qualities of shallow water.
  • Learn to identify, read and evaluate how and where to place the focal area.
  • Learn to read different planes in a painting and appreciate how lost and found edges create can be used to create transitions between them.
  • Learn to understand and appreciate contrast of hue, temperature, value and intensity.
Contact the instructor - If you have any questions about this class: neadeen.masters@gmail.com

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            Register today and start painting right away! 


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  • 5

    Posted by Canada on 29th May 2013

    Neadeen has outdone herself with the two offerings in this class. I am loving the turtle videos. So much details and step by step instruction. Excellent class.

  • 5

    Posted by I am forever greatfull. - USA on 20th Jan 2013

    These are amazing paintings. I have waited for this class and I am thrilled with it . You are such a fantastic teacher. thank you so much.

  • 5
    Worth its weight In Gold! (excuse the pun)

    Posted by J - USA on 13th Jan 2013

    Neadeen this class is everything I wanted to learn and more. Thank you, thank you! You are the best!

  • 5
    So Excited to begin this class.

    Posted by A VERY happy student! on 12th Jan 2013

    I am so excited for so long about this class. Taken classes with Neadeen and appreciate the effort she puts into her classes. Always shares all that she knows. Thank you, this looks like it will be another winner.

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