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e-Video Classes - THE CORE - Comprehensive Educational Painting Course - Part 1 of 2

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e-Video Classes - THE CORE  -  Comprehensive Educational  Painting  Course  - Part 1 of 2

       THE CORE Painting Program

  Discover the Secrets of Acrylic Painting with 

               Online Painting Classes

 This is a step by step EDUCATIONAL ACRYLIC PAINTING COURSE for those wanting to learn the nuts and bolts of ART and  LEARNING TO PAINT.

  • This comprehensive course will teach you how to paint and advance your painting knowledge and ability
  • Learn the primary concepts of art theory, craftsmanship and traditional painting techniques.

 THE CORE program is designed to teach more than a whole year of traditional art school. Many students say they learned more in the Core than in all their previous years of painting put together.

  • The Core is divided into two parts and is purchased by the half. There is a discount available if you purchase both halves at the same time. SEE BELOW FOR DISCOUNT DETAILS.   Give us a call if you have questions - we are happy to help make sure this is the course for you! 801-573-1010


THE CORE (PART 1) is a progressive painting program for both beginner and experienced artists.  This course expertly explains the primary concepts of craftsmanship, art theory, and  painting techniques in  14  painting lessons.  Each lesson is progressive and extremely comprehensive, allowing students to create a solid foundation and personal artistic style.  THE CORE (PART 1) teaches the technical & mechanical concepts needed for learning to paint. Learning to paint is a process that develops over time. THE CORE (PART 1) speeds up that process & will help you move toward a lifelong love of painting.


Purchase both halves and SAVE!  Put both Part 1 and Part 2   in your  shopping cart and enter the discount code:  CORE1&2  to receive the entire Core for a final price $425.00 - an everyday savings of $75.00

IMPORTANT:  Upon completion of placing your order you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation by email that contains links to all the  printable lessons for this 1st half of The Core.   The printable material contains the links and passcode for all the video files.  There is also a link to the Index for the lessons.   Please open the attachment and then  click on the pdf files and save each one in a folder on your computer that you have designated for the course.   Once saved to your computer you can select what you want to  print off  and access the videos whenever you are ready to paint!   You will have full access to all the course video lessons for 18 months.   Also as a backup, as long as you save your confirmation email you will be able to go back and access the various materials through the email as the links for The Core do not expire.

NOTE: This painting program is taught using Traditions Artists Acrylics - These are professional grade pure pigments. Other Artist grade acrylics may be used, however we can not guarantee they will perform in exactly the same way.


            The CORE Makes Learning Interesting and Easy as the lessons are presented in a logical and sequential order, with each new lesson building upon the previous lesson.


  • 27 painting lessons are completed during the entire course as students work on building foundation skills.  (Below are some samples from the Course)
  • Videos and written lessons provide the student with support materials they can access at any time. We provide Unlimited  video access. and all text materials are downloadable.
  • Students gain a great sense of accomplishment with each new painting experience and work at their own pace so there is no pressure and plenty of opportunity to study the materials which will always be an excellent resource.

  • The instructors will  answer questions and make sure you are on the right track. They provide you with feedback and critiques when requested.  Teacher contact information is provided in the lessons.                

  • The lessons are taught with detailed videos and text materials. Teachers explain the concepts and help you apply what you have learned through the use of graphics and step by step written lessons.  There are painting exercises throughout.




  • Craftsmanship - Artist’s Tools & Supplies

  • Surface Preparation

  • Value Relative to Composition & Light

  • 3-Dimensional Form - Value Relative to Creating 3-Dimensional Form

  • Painting Techniques & Brushwork - Blending

  • Basic Color Theory

  • Learn About Color Temperature in landscape painting

  • Learn About Color Intensity & How It Is Controlled

  • Discover Tonal Keys - High, Medium, & Low Key (Light & Dark) Painting Backgrounds

  • Working with Tonal Under Paintings for Still Life Compositions

  • Working with Light Source

  • Direct & Indirect Painting Methods for Landscape Painting

  • Introduction to Shadows & Perspective

  • The Basics of Historical Decorative Painting - Learn Traditional Stroke Work 





“The video instruction is very professional and the individual feedback from the teachers is fabulous.  The depth of knowledge and sharing is amazing.”



“THE CORE covers the most important fundamentals of painting to be able to learn, develop, and become confident as an artist. The material is comprehensive and presented step by step.”

" TAKING THE  CORE  filled in all the blanks and provided me with more understanding, appreciation and confidence!"

"THIS COURSE continues to be an excellent resource for me - I'm always going back to it when I have questions or need a review."



The student can access the video lessons, and a wealth of resources on their own day-to-day schedule.  "So much is taught that it is worth every penny and then some!"

Priced in two parts to make it affordable for all.





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  • 5
    Core Comprehensive Painting Leasons

    Posted by Sandy Pourciaux on 23rd Aug 2019

    It is exciting to find a program that you can learn at your own pace without leaving the comfort of your home. Kudos to the amazing teachers of this progam for realizing the needs of new artists, as well as those who have some experience but craved an all in one comprehensive program to expand on their own talents. One cannot put a price on the talent and knowledge that these artists/teachers are willing to share through this program. I recommend this course highly and I am thrilled I found them.

  • 5
    Awesome and very educational!

    Posted by Judith Tyni on 7th Sep 2013

    I am just getting started with this program and love it! Nothing is left out, all the info you will ever need to learn how to perfect yourself in painting with acrylics is right here. Also love the Traditions paints and mediums, really makes it easy to acrylic paint!

  • 5
    I wish I found this 20 years ago!

    Posted by Judy -USA. on 14th Jan 2013

    I cannot explain the difference this class has made in my life. For the first time I feel like I am learning to paint like a real artist. I have looked and looked for a class like this with all the teacher support and finally found it with this. The content is exceptionally well presented and the instruction is excellent. thank you AAO for filling my dream.

  • 5
    AMAZING COURSE!!!!!!!!

    Posted by NA - Australia on 1st Nov 2012

    I have been looking for something like this for years. Not even in formal art school did I learn so much about painting. The teachers are so helpful and sharing. I am really enjoying this style of learning.

  • 5
    Its the best!

    Posted by Ontario Canada on 31st Dec 2010

    This is the most well thought out and delivered art course I've ever taken. It covers the most important fundamentals of painting. I've been painting for several years, but needed a course like this to give me what I was missing. Its all coming together for me. Bravo to the developers!

  • 5
    Better than a college course in art!!!!!!!!

    Posted by An excited learner from Montreal Canada on 31st Dec 2010

    I took college courses in art and I learned more in the first blocks of THIS course than I did in formal college. The material is amazing, the knowledge of the instructors and how it is presented is outstanding!!! The videos are very professional and there is immediate help when it is needed. I give this course 10 stars!

  • 5

    Posted by H.Tulip on 8th Dec 2010

    Having completed Tier 1, I was very eager to start Tier 2,..WOW.. No disappointment here !! What i love most is that i can access the site to suit my schedule,i paint when i want to and the teachers are always there to review my work..There is a wealth of materials to download and keep too..WELL done ladies of Traditions School..

  • 5
    Super Stars

    Posted by SusanE on 7th Dec 2010

    I began of course with Tier 1 last year. Wow what a journey. Loved working through all 10 blocks. Learned so much even though I am already a painter/teacher, I find this educational venu to be stellar. Now in tier 2, the knoweledge is still comming through these wonderful teachers at a tremendous rate. I get so excited to finish each block and move on. Whenever there is a problem for anyone, I've seen the response to be super. The help comes not only form these teachers, but the many others who are involved in the course as well.If you wish to learn art, this vehical is your best. Traditions paints, school and staff are just Super Stars.

  • 5
    Beyond my expectations!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Dec 2010

    If anyone is serious about learning, Tier Two - Core is all about teaching the foundation of what every artist needs to know. Just fabulous. I'm only 10% into this level and have already gotten my monies worth.

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