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e-Video Class - The Art of Painting Stroked Roses by Susan Abdella, MDA -Acrylic

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e-Video Class - The Art of Painting Stroked Roses by Susan Abdella, MDA -Acrylic


This e-video-tutorial lesson is an introduction to  painting beautiful stylized stroked roses.   When you purchase this tutorial you will receive an automatically generated email receipt that contains a link for downloading the written materials for this class.  The first page contains links and access information you will need.   The link will expire in a few months so please open the email promptly and save the document to your computer so you will have the information. 

         By popular demand, Susan Abdella teaches the student one petal at a time the structure and sequence of painting these beautiful popular roses.   This is something every decorative artist wants to understand and be able to master!


These roses are often used to  decorate painted furniture, or other smaller decorative pieces used for home decor,  Painted in groups they also make beautiful canvas painting compositions.

Students are able to  observe how Susan builds the structure of the rose, step by step using individual brushstrokes. Watch and learn as each rose petal is applied to build the bowl of the single flower and the outer petals to show this rose in full bloom.

Susan demonstrates different color roses and color combinations, so the student learns how to paint a variety of roses of many colors.



Students first  paint through a single rose to learn the rose structure, and then paint a pair of roses.  Once students watch and practice these roses they will be perfectly comfortable painting any of Susans beautiful downloadable pattern packets that feature these beautiful roses!

All paints, brushes and Mediums are DecoArt Traditions Acrylics

         Titanium White

         Warm White

         Hansa Yellow     

         Yellow Oxide

         Raw Sienna

         Medium Beige

         Phthalo Blue

         Naphthol Red Light


         Brown Madder   

         Pine Green




         Extender & Blending Medium       

        Satin Varnish



       #10 Chisel Blender (TB63) or #10 Flat (B34)

         3/8” Angle Brush (TB73)

         Small Mini Mop Brush (TB101 or TB102)

        Short Liner (TB17)


Painting Surfaces

         8 x 5 surface (for the single rose)

         7 x 9 surface (for the Second Rose portrait shown in the oval matting above)

         Sizes are approximate. Adjust the line drawing to fit your chosen surface.

        Type of surface is your preference: Masonite, fine weave canvas, small furniture piece

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