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e-Video Class - Pretty Stroke Pansies with artist Sue Pruett - Acrylic

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e-Video Class - Pretty Stroke Pansies with artist Sue Pruett - Acrylic

How to Paint Stroke Pansy Flowers with Artist Sue Pruett MDA



E-Video Painting Class

Discover simple brush strokes and learn how to create your own flower paintings. Learn how to paint floral shapes and leaves - This design can be applied to several surfaces. 

  • Paint beautiful pansies, viola flowers, and leaves using the basic decorative comma stroke.  
  • Artist Sue Pruett uses a filbert paint brush to stroke double-loaded comma strokes layered to build the foundation of the petals. This is fun to paint and a great "brush up" on stroke control.  
  • Sue walks the student, step by step through the basic anatomy of the flower relative to its mass and form. 
  • With in-depth explanations and painting videos, you will come away with a greater love for painting floral themes. You will be better armed with the knowledge and skills to approach them with more confidence.

Watch this short snippet to see how the class progresses.


Excellent Value

Not Available Anywhere Else On the Internet

  • Unlimited access and teacher support upon request.  Contact info provided in class materials.
  • Step by step video demonstrations of the painting techniques and development of the composition.
  • Step by step written notes 
  • Step photographs
  • Available 24/7 - No expiration! 


IMPORTANT:  Upon completing your purchase of this class you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation by email that contains a link to the  printable materials included with the class.   The printable material contains the links and passcode for all the video files.  Please open the attachment and save the file to your computer -  This is your responsibility.   Once saved to your computer you can print the materials and access the videos when you are ready to paint!







Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to paint flowers and leaves using double loaded comma strokes with a filbert brush. 
  • Learn how to add simple stroke embellishments to add interest and mood.
  • Learn how to use color temperature to create emphasis and attention. 


Class Presentation
Here you will find all the class materials such as the supply list, class videos, lessons and other support materials. As you watch the videos, the teacher helps you prepare for the class, discusses the supplies and begins the creative process.

Students follow along with the videos and use the printed text lessons as an extra support for the class. At anytime you can ask for help via email or by uploading a photograph of your painting into the class forums. Your teacher is always ready to offer suggestions and give feedback to help you create a successful painting that you will be happy with.

Palette – DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics

Warm White
Medium White 
Hansa Yellow 
Yellow Oxide
Naphthol Red
Red Violet
Ultramarine Blue  
Dioxazine Purple
Sap Green
Ultramarine Blue  
Light Grey Mix #8
Medium Grey Mix #6
Dark Grey Mix #3

Traditions Mediums
Glazing Medium

Extender and Blending Medium
Satin Varnish



9 x 12 Canvas Panel or Masonite


Traditions Brushes

TB11 – 3/0 liner
TB31 – 4 flat
TB32 – 6 flat
TB33 – 8 flat
TB34 – 10 flat
TB35 – 12 flat
TB38 – 1” flat
TB41 – 6 filbert
TB42 – 8 filbert
TB43 – 10 filbert
TB51 – ¾ oval
TB101 – 0 mini mop

Wet Palette Container

Wax Palette Paper
Palette Knife
Kneaded Eraser
Paper Towels
Gray Graphite Paper
Clear Acetate or Tracing Paper
Sharpie™ Fine Point Permanent Pen

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