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e-Video Class - Parrot Tulip Flower - Acrylic with artist Neadeen Masters

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Create beautiful Canvas wall art for your home. No prior skill required, just paint along with your instructor.


Get Introduced To Painting 




Online Painting Class


Media: Acrylic


Excellent Value - Create your own Canvas Wall Art

  • Teacher support and feedback upon request.  Teacher contact info provided in lesson.
  • Step by step video demonstrations of the painting techniques and development of the composition.
  • Step by step written notes to follow along with the videos. (easy to download and print)
  • Step by step photographs.
  • Video access 24/7

 No prior skill or painting experience is required for this class

Are you a beginning artist? Would like to try your hand at painting and have never done this before? Here's a great way to begin. Artist and teacher Neadeen Masters removes the fear and walks you through the painting process step by step. She will make you feel right at home and relaxed as she explains each stage of the painting process. Beginning artists can watch the class videos over and over, so there is no risk of missing a single step.

Neadeen will help you build your confidence and you'll be proud to show off the finished painting to all your friends and family! You might even want to paint a second smaller one and give it away as a gift! This is a great project for beginning artists who want to paint and have fun at the same time. 

This is another 'jump right in' painting project

sure to get you excited about painting!



Accomplish Something You Can Be Proud Of

As you can see from the featured graphics above and below, each stage is explained and developed slowly. Students work with a small range of colors and this makes mixing easy and fun to do. Work through the painting slowly, of course you can work at your own pace. One petal at a time, you'll be amazed as the painting comes together. This is a fantastic way for beginning artists to build some experience and gain confidence. These are skills that you will be able to use over and over again.

  • Learn how to paint a simple mottled background
  • Learn how to transfer a simple design
  • Learn how to mix paint with a small range of colors.
  • Learn how to paint wet in wet for easy blending.



Parrot Tulip by artist and instructor Neadeen Masters is a large acrylic painting on a 24" x36" stretched canvas surface. This tulip painting class has been created for the first time painter who has never painted before! Like we said, no prior skill or painting experience is required.

  • Surface: Stretched Canvas - Size 24"x36" (can easily be adjusted for larger or smaller canvas)



If You Never Painted Before...Begin Here

This Painting Class Was Created Just For You!






Supply List

Deco Art Traditions Artist's Acrylic Paints

DAT02 Naphthol Red

DAT03 Naphthol Red Light

DAT09 Vermillion

DAT24 Phthalo Blue

DAT26 Ultramarine Blue

DAT29 Aquamarine

DAT31 Dioxazine Purple

DAT35 Titanium White or DAT58 Opaque White

DAT51 Permanent Alizarin Crimson

DAT52 Hansa Yellow Medium

DAT54 Transparent Red Iron Oxide (optional)

Deco Art Mediums

DATM01 - Glazing Medium

DATM 02 - Extender and Blending Medium

DATM 04 - Satin Varnish


2 inch gesso brush

Deco Art Traditions Brushes

TB51 ¾ inch oval

TB21 or TB22 #4 or #3 round

TB122 1 inch Mop brush


                                                                 copyright  - Neadeen Masters

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  • 4
    I really like your product, only the image of the vido is too small.

    Posted by Phyllis on 23rd Nov 2013

    Hi, It's really worth to purchase this product. There is only one problem is that the image of the video is too small. You can't see quite clear how the instructor put her brushes on the canvas. If I zoom in the video, it became blur. I am really thrilled when I received so many referenced materials attached in the lesson. Thank you. Hoping that I can have a high resolution video next time when I purchased your product.

  • 5

    Posted by susy on 18th Aug 2012

    muy buenos los colores

  • 5
    So Much Fun !!

    Posted by Lynda Mattox on 10th Jul 2012

    This was my first EVER painting and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Neadeen is such a good instructor. Almost finished with it and will definitely sign up for more courses !!!!

  • 5
    wonderful tulip

    Posted by maria on 31st May 2012

    A great colourful tulip, with lots of clear detailed instructional videos. Really enjoyed watching them.

  • 5
    Awesome Painting

    Posted by Christine on 8th Jul 2011

    The colors and tulip design is just perfect for my daughters house. I have taken other courses from Neadeen and this will be just so much fun. This will be make a wonderful wedding gift. Thank You Thank You for this awesome design.

  • 5

    Posted by Joanie simms from Alabama on 8th Jul 2011

    LOVE the colors! You guys rock! This is such a fun painting! As a new beginner painter I am really looking forward to signing up for this class. the color combination is amazing and tulips are my favorite flowers. this is very exciting. I am going to get this class for my birthday!

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