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e-Video Class - Mixed Media - Ishtar Lion Painting - Acrylic by Susan Abdella, MDA

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This lion design can easily be enlarged to fit on any size canvas surface. Enlarge for a fun piece of Canvas wall art

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Learn about the history of the magnificent Ishtar gate at entrance to the ancient city of Babylon.   Next  you will paint your own 11" x 24" section similar to the restored designs that were excavated in the early 1900's.     A fun class using modern day products to produce a painting with texture and color that represents the beautiful authentic bricks and tiles.  Learn the history and then the techniques required to paint this and other similar history works of art.  Video's show the entire process step by step making it easy to follow along!  



  • When you purchase this class you will receive an automatically generated email Order Confirmation that contains a link to the pdf file for the class.  This file contains the information for accessing the videos and the passcode for viewing them.

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