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e-Video Class - How to Paint Transparent Glass in Still Life Paintings - by Sue Pruett MDA

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e-Video Class - How to Paint Transparent Glass in Still Life Paintings - by Sue Pruett MDA



Step by step supporting photographs are included with all class materials.

Have You Struggled With Painting Realistic Glass?

Over the last 30 years of painting, I've discovered that traditional still life painters will encounter a glass element at sometime along the journey. As you too will discover, realistic looking glass objects require specific knowledge and understanding to render them accurately. As an artist, I spent many years studying glass objects and developing an easy approach to painting them. Glass objects held particular interest for me, mostly because as a new painter I too struggled with creating their true form and transparency. This sent me on a quest to define a way to paint them in the most realistic and easy manner.

I was particularly driven to develop an acrylic painting technique that was directed to the novice but serious student who wanted to perfect painting glass objects. The rest is history.


Explore the tools, and painting techniques used for painting transparent glass. Learn what to look for when creating realistic glass objects.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn the painting techniques and theory for creating glass transparency,
  • Learn about perspective relative to ellipses in glass containers,
  • Learn how to apply lost and found edges relative to depth and dimension, 
  • Learn the physical properties of glass, e.g. different thicknesses of glass,
  • Learn how glass distortion will alter the way we view objects,
  • Learn how to render true form relative to the shapes of different glass objects,
  • Students will paint a variety of glass shapes and sizes,


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