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e-Video Class - Funtastic (Easy) Tulips - Acrylic Painting by Neadeen Masters

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e-Video Class  - Funtastic (Easy) Tulips - Acrylic Painting by Neadeen Masters

Online Class 

Media: Acrylic

Funtastic Tulips by Neadeen Masters

Paint something easy and pretty enough to impress others! Try your hand at a painterly style without stress!

In the class videos, Neadeen shows you step by step how each flower is created with just a few brush strokes, and the leaves and background pull the painting together.  This is easy and fun painting that even beginners will find success with!  If you're an experienced painter just relax, loosen up and have fun!  

This is an easy Beginner Painting that looks way more challenging than it really is....and you'll love the yummy palette of colors.

 Canvas Size - 12" x24"

***can be enlarged to fit any size canvas.

*** unlimited video access!

NOTE:  This painting is created with the DecoArt Americana Premium Acrylics,however a conversion for DecoArt Traditions acrylics is included.  This can also easily be painted with any other brand of acrylic paint by picking the closest color.

Painting Supplies Palette: DecoArt Premium Acrylics (These colors are in the Starter kit we sell in our online store.  They are also widely available in major craft stores like Michaels.)

• Yellow Oxide

• Titanium White

• Green Gold

• Primary Cyan

• Dioxazine Purple

• Quinacridone Magenta

• Quinacridone Red

• Cadmium Orange Hue

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