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e-Video Class - Explore Color Basics II with Gaby Hunter 08-002-0008

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e-Video Class - Explore Color Basics II with Gaby Hunter 08-002-0008

Color Basics level II explores the Value of Color and how it is used to create form.  Students learn  to mix the full range of values within a color families and how to apply those values  to various shapes to create 3-Dimensional form.   This class has many excellent video  presentations and exercises to help students understand and correctly use these principles in their paintings.


IMPORTANT:  Upon completion of placing your order you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation by email that contains one or more links to the printable materials.  The printable material contains the links and passcode for all the video files.  Please open the attachment and save the file to your computer -  then you can print the materials and access the videos when you are ready to paint! 



Learning outcomes:

1. Understanding value and its importance in art work.

2. Training the eye to see and measure the concept of value (light and dark).

3. Learning that color has 'value' and how to assign 'value' to a particular color.

4. Learning to mix grey value scales, as well as color value scales.

5. Understanding the concept of 'value contrasts'.

6. Learning to blend values for creating form or three dimensional objects.

7. Learning to see 'shape and form' in objects, and paint to give the illusion of three dimensional forms.

8. Learning the effect of light on form.

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