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e-video CLASS - Discover Symbolism & Allegory with Artist - Neadeen Masters,

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e-video CLASS - Discover Symbolism & Allegory with Artist - Neadeen Masters,

Symbolism and Allegory - What's It all about?

NOTE: This online class is created to enhance your artistic general knowledge - This is a good addition while learning about painting and art in general. 

Literary Terms & Art Appreciation: Symbolism And Allegory

Don't be lost the next time you visit a museum. This class will teach you how to interpret old paintings to enrich your overall artistic experience.

Discover the hidden language of the Old Masters while learning to decode many of their paintings. If you are an artist, the benefit to understanding this is to inject and add another meaning to YOUR original artwork.

Symbolism in art has been used throughout history. It is a way for artists to include deeper meaning through the use of color, line, design or through the use of symbolic objects within the composition.

Discover the hidden language of the Old Masters while learning to decode their complex and amazing works of art.

When creating this painting below, artist Neadeen Masters chose to explore and reflect on these traditional methods of communication and use symbolism and allegory as part of the creative process.

It was used as a guide and ‘tool’ to express the deeper meaning of the painting. Discover how this is done and how you too can give your paintings a deeper meaning. Learn as Neadeen explains the process and delves into the historical use of these concepts.


                      An Artist's Point Of View By Neadeen Masters - copyright 2006

Once understood, allegory appeals to the imagination of the viewer, it can lead the viewer to interpret the work literally or symbolically. Besides, it makes trips to museums way more fun!

Allegory in art is an intellectual concept used to make a point, explain deeper meaning and most of all, to tell a story.

The artist will use objects or people or elements in a painting to show certain symbolic reference or meaning. Each element acts like the pieces of a puzzle to make the whole statement or express the artist's 'abstract' idea.

Register for this class and open your eyes to this amazing language of the Old Masters. This introductory class gets you started, thinking through the eyes of the Old Masters...

                 ***Unlimited access to video - Text lessons are downloadable***

                             When you purchase this class you will receive an automatically generated Order Confirmation email with the pdf file for the class text materials and a link to to a video in which I explain the symbolism behind my painting.


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  • 5

    Posted by Juan in Spain on 16th Dec 2010

    WOW is what I say. I learn so much here. I never understand some paintings and always stay confuse. This course explain me to see things different. I like this subject very much now. Excellent!

  • 5
    Education in the comfort of your home

    Posted by Norma Papazian on 9th Dec 2010

    The course "Symbolism and Allegory" opened my eyes and allowed me to view paintings in a whole different light. Why artists used certain colours, shapes and symbols to tell a story. A message conveyed to us by the artist,through his brush, paint and canvas. The more I learn art history the more I grow and improve as an artist. Symbolism and Allegory is one of many courses offered to me by the AAO classroom at my convenience through the internet. Aside from the wonderful courses to choose from, the online Ezine is chock full of information. I feel privileged to have found the AAO online classes and group. Their is so much information and sharing amongst the artists.I don't think any other site can offer the same advantages and privilages. I highly recommend this and all AAO courses for anyone who wants to widen their art horizon.

  • 5
    Great value

    Posted by Lynnette Horn on 7th Dec 2010

    I loved this course! Can't believe the low price, because the information is extensive. It's like receiving a key to unlock meaning in paintings. And has given me great ideas in instilling meaning into my own work.

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