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e-Video Class - Asian Parakeet by Neadeen Masters, CDA - Acrylic

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e-Video  Class - Asian Parakeet by Neadeen Masters, CDA - Acrylic

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 How To Paint a Bird?

Begin with the Asian Parakeet and then move on to the other beautiful tropical birds in this series of e-video Tutorial Painting Classes! 


Excellent Value  

  • 17 Step by step video demonstrations of the painting techniques and development of the composition.
  • Step by step written notes to follow along with the videos. (easy to download and print)
  • Step by step photographs.
  • Unlimited access to all videos 24/7


IMPORTANT:  Upon completion of placing your order you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation by email that contains a link to the  printable materials included with this class.  The printable material contains the links and passcode for the 17 video files.  Please open the attachment and save the file to your computer -  then you can print the materials and access the videos when you are ready to paint! 




Painting Birds can become addictive! They are beautiful creatures, most especially the tropical birds and their colorful feathers. This little Asian Parakeet belongs to my brother. He is just the sweetest bird and always wants his head stroked. Rather than paint him on a perch, I decided to feature him in his natural setting. I chose a tree branch complete with moss, and a wild orchid plant growing high up in the forest canopy. I felt this offered a much more attractive composition to showcase this beautiful green bird.

This online painting class is designed for the up and coming artist who wishes to paint a tropical bird in a natural tree setting. Class emphasis is placed on learning to paint the feathers, handling the light source, painting bark, moss, water drops, and many other details.

There are many different acrylic painting techniques and painting exercises included in this course. Several of which are transferrable to other bird subjects you might paint in the future.

Class Learning Outcomes 

  • Learn about textural contrasts ranging from the atmospheric background, realistic tree moss, moisture and water drops.
  • Learn how hard and soft, lost and found edges are used for establishing depth and three dimension.
  • Learn to work with a light source. 


Student Support   

  • Class Videos: The online art lesson is presented via videos, students can work along at their own pace as they watch the instructor paint each step of the painting. 
  • Text Lessons: Several step by step written lessons are provided so the student can paint along with the videos.
  • Supporting photographs are included in class materials.
  • Students may email the teacher with questions.


Contact info: For further information related to this course please contact the instructor directly: neadeenmasters@artapprenticeonline.com



Watch and learn from the best seat in the house

One of the greatest benefits  is having the ability to hit "pause" when you want to catch up or study what the teacher has just done.  This gives you lots of time to practice and digest the information at your own pace. Watching the videos from the best seat in the house gives you an over the shoulder view of the whole painting process from start to finish

 All Skill Levels Are Welcome

This course has been designed for painters of all skill levels Naturally it is recommended that you have some prior painting experience. 




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  • 5
    Great teaching skills

    Posted by Maria P on 22nd Dec 2010

    Wonderful class, the videos are very detailed and easy to follow. Not only are the brush techniques learnt, but also the theory behind why the painting is painted as it is. This allows what is learnt to be able to be implemented into another painting if so desired. It's so much easier to paint when you understand the "why" behind what you do. Worth every cent paid!!!!

  • 5
    Best learning experience

    Posted by Annie B on 20th Dec 2010

    This was my first online class. It was very enjoyable and I'm still in shock that I painted such a lovely painting. Thank you. Great presentation.

  • 5
    Tropical birds are my favorite birds!

    Posted by Joyce Anderson on 20th Dec 2010

    This class was a pleasure to paint. We had an asian parakeet as a pet when I was a kid. I was so excited to see this offered as a class. Well done instructions and I watched the videos over and over. Thank you for an excellent class.

  • 5
    An Excellent Class!

    Posted by Carol O'Connor-Eisenberg on 9th Dec 2010

    I cannot say enough for the quality of teaching in this course. I have been to many classes with live teachers and never learned anywhere near what was presented here. I learned so much about how to create the illusion of the various textures of the bird and its surroundings, how to use color to give depth to the painting, The combination of well written instructions, many step by step photo, and all of the video is an unbelievable value for the price. Plus you have access to the teacher with any questions you may have, critiques, etc. And your lessons are ready for you whenever you have the time for painting.

  • 5
    Fantastic bird

    Posted by Claire Marquis on 9th Dec 2010

    This is a great online class. Almost easy to execute because the videos we see are extremeley welle done and well detailed!

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