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e-Video CLASS - Acrylic - How to Control Color Intensity to Create Depth In A Still Life - with Sue Pruett

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e-Video CLASS - Acrylic - How to Control Color Intensity to Create Depth In A Still Life - with Sue Pruett

How to Control Color Intensity to Create Depth In A Still Life - Acrylic with Sue Pruett 

Acrylic - Lemon Still Life e-Video Painting Class - Intensity Study 


Fruit Still Life Painting Lesson

If learning more about dimension and depth in a still life painting is what you're looking for, then this online class is for you. Creating a believable three dimensional illusion is always the goal in still-life painting. Making the viewer believe that one object sits in front of the other is the key to success with this subject. Controlling the properties and dimensions of color play a big role in establishing the concept of depth. All three dimensional art that is of realistic subjects, depends on the artist describing something that is intangible. Understanding color intensity and how to control it is of the utmost importance.

This class is about Controlling the Dimension of Color - Color Intensity. 

  • Learn how color Intensity (a property of color) directly helps to establish the color relationships between objects that create depth and a sense of space.
  • The goal of this class is to paint a fruit still life to illustrate realistic depth, dimension and space. This includes painting an object's reflections. 
  • Depth creates the illusion of true space. The artist can only do so by managing color relationships between the objects and the background upon which they sit. 

Join artist Sue Pruett as she demonstrates and explains how to establish this 3D illusion through the use of controlled color intensity. Using her step by step painting process, Sue explains how the painting develops and shows each detail along the way.

This class is painted using artist's acrylics, it includes 5 hrs of painting videos, in-depth text lessons, step by step photos, line drawing of the design, and forums set up for questions and instructor feedback.


This lesson will focus on the role intensity plays in the painting to create depth by using less intense color to help and object recede, and more intense color to bring an object forward.  Learn how to tone and brighten colors using the Pigment Wheel as a guide. Colors closer to the center of the Pigment Wheel will dull more intense colors.


Students will paint the Lemon Still Life on a surface of their choice.  


  • Registration is ongoing, students may register for this course at anytime.
  • ***Once you have purchased the Course, an Order Confirmation email is automatically generated and sent to you.  It has the links for downloading the text parts of the lesson and also contains the links for the class video lessons.
  • Taught using DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics.



The Traditions line of artist grade acrylic paint colors has quite a variety of yellow pigments to choose from.  Not knowing which color to choose can be frustrating to an artist.  The Traditions Pigment Wheel is designed to help the artist understand color and how to read its intensity.   

Color Theory:

This lesson will also focus on giving the student a deeper understanding of the Pigment Wheel and how it can work for them as artists. This still life lesson utilizes all these yellow pigments to demonstrate which yellow to choose over another and why. 

The background color and temperature also play an important role when an artist is trying to develop depth within the painting.  Learning how the warmest yellow will automatically advance relative to a cool background will also help the student recognize these characteristics. 

Looking at the Pigment Wheel is an easy way to ‘see’ which yellow is the warmest and which is the coolest. 



Your class time does not run out and you can work at your own pace. The video lessons are available for viewing 24/7.    Teacher contact information for questions and critiques in provided in the lessons.



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  • 5
    Excellent class

    Posted by Margo M. on 13th Jun 2016

    Excellent class as always. I love getting Sue's classes, and I wish she makes more still life composition classes. I fell in love with still life thanks to Sue. Love her teaching style. Everything is so well-paced, never too rushed, very detailed and lots of close-ups on videos, SO easy to follow. I always prefer slower paced classes to rushed and fast-paced ones. It is definitely a great value for the money you pay. I've never seen better classes anywhere so far.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2013

    Another great class from Sue. I've just finished watching the videos and am again amazed at how much time and effort goes into these classes. There is nowhere else on the net that gives so much information for such few dollars. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and these lessons take my paintings to a higher level. Give it a go!! Maria

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