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e-Video CLASS - Acrylic Bird Painting - Mexican Oriole - Instructor Neadeen Master

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e-Video CLASS - Acrylic Bird Painting - Mexican Oriole - Instructor Neadeen Master

e-Video Painting Class

How to Paint a Simple Bird Painting?

Start with the Mexican Oriole Bird Study



Excellent Value


Not Available Anywhere Else On the Internet


  • Step by step video demonstrations of the painting techniques and development of the composition.
  • Step by step written notes to follow along with the videos. (easy to download and print)
  • Step by step photographs.
  • When you purchase this class you will received an automatically generated email with a link for the pdf text files and video access information.  Please open the file and save to your computer.

On a short vacation to Mexico I came across this brilliantly colorful bird. He stood out from everything else around him. Needless to say I spent several hours trying to get a close enough photograph of him as I knew he was going to become  the main subject of a painting. I actually started to paint him while still in Mexico, sitting on the balcony of my hotel room, I painted for a few hours every day. He was the perfect subject for creating a wonderful memory of that trip. As I started the composition, the orchid leaves seemed a good support for the painting and offered great contrast to the warm orange hues. I added the old twigs, a little moss and voila! He was ready to show off! I hope you will enjoy painting this composition, there`s lots to learn and you can create other bird compositions using the same approach that I have.

Start with the Background

The painting lesson begins with a mottled background treatment, this creates atmosphere which in turn creates depth and dimention for the painting. You will have the best seat in the house as you can watch the demonstrations at close range and observe each painting technique, and stage as the lesson progresses. As you can see from the graphic below, the next stage is adding in the orchid leaves. As I paint, I explain each step, you can see how I adjust colors and make the leaves come to life!


Learn to paint different surface textures,

create realistic leaves,tree moss, tree bark, and water drops


Jump start your bird and wildlife paintings

to new levels of expression!

Neadeen Masters is known for her love of painting birds in nature. This online painting class comes with complete painting demonstrations. These painting demonstrations cover every step, breaking the process down into small, easy steps from start to finish. You'll love this simple, straight forward approach almost as much as you love the results.

Neadeen Masters demonstrates her simple technique in a way that will inspire you to love this subject. Follow her innovative and enjoyable painting techniques to create this gorgeous little scene featuring the Mexico Oriole bird. Using acrylics, Neadeen shows you her wet in wet blending method for creating translucent leaves, spectacular details and her treatment of the light source.

Learning Outcome

  • Learn to paint different surface textures
  • Learn how to manage a limited palette of colors
  • Learn to brush mix colors 
  • Learn how to create realistic moss, bark, water drops and of course the details of this brilliant tropical bird.
  • Increasing your skill bank is the goal, discover how translucency is used to make the leaves appear more realistic.
  • This small 8"x10" canvas study packs a big punch!
  • Students have 3 months to complete the online class.
  • This painting lesson is taught using Artist's Acrylic Paint.


Watch a video overview of Neadeen painting the leaves


Classroom Help

  • There are many classroom forums where you'll upload photographs of your work, and questions and answers are shared between students and me the instructor. Feedback is very important. This helps you know that you are on the right track. If there are any issues or challenges, these Q & A’s forums help clarify anything that might not be completely clear to you.
                                                            Class Presentation

Once enrolled in the class, students gain access to the online classroom on our website. Here you will find all the class materials such as the supply list, class videos, lessons and other support materials. As you watch the videos, the teacher helps you prepare for the class, discusses the supplies and begins the creative process. Students follow along with the videos and use the printed text lessons as an extra support for the class. At anytime you can ask for help via email or by uploading a photograph of your painting into the class forums. Your teacher is always ready to offer suggestions and give feedback to help you create a successful painting that you will be happy with.

 Register and start Painting Today


copyright Neadeen Masters 2020

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  • 5
    Very comprehensive

    Posted by Fiona Kear on 9th Aug 2015

    I have just found Art Apprentice and am so glad I did. This lesson is very comprehensive and is chock full of information. I am looking forward to working my way the whole way through. The only thing I am a little disappointed in is the lack of a reference photo for the orchid and the oriole. As I usually work with my own reference photos it is just something I will have to get used to I suppose. Thank you Neadeen, an excellent teacher.

  • 4
    Enjoyed it!

    Posted by Pamela Chaney on 6th Nov 2014

    Have loved drawing birds since I was a child. Painting them in such a way has always been a dream of mine, and now I have found the instruction to do so. The only thing I say that holds me back from giving it 5-stars is the video player. I cannot seem to enlarge it, so am having to watch it in a tiny window. Other than that, I am pleased with all of the information provided for the cost of the class.

  • 5
    I love painting birds

    Posted by United States. on 6th Dec 2012

    I wanted to learn how to paint birds. Thank you for the excellent painting instruction in this online art class. The painting instruction was clear and easy to follow and I could watch the videos many times. I learn more from watching you paint. I am very pleased with my results and have painted other birds since taking this class.

  • 5
    Loved it!

    Posted by BJ - from Spain on 13th Mar 2012

    This was such a fun class. Great instructions and a very informative Instructor. I have already signed up for many other of your classes.

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