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e-Video Class - Acrylic - A Painted Journey Through Time - Early Art History and 5 Paintings

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e-Video  Class - Acrylic - A Painted Journey Through Time - Early Art History and 5 Paintings

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Online Painting Class

Take a Painting Journey Through Time

Paint five ancient paintings and discover

their historical and cultural story.

Who we are as artists depends on how we view art created in the past. The skills and techniques we learn today have all in some way evolved from those artists who came before us. By studying the art of past cultures, we can look at another time period and gain a new perspective on how we view the world around us today. With this new perspective we become a more well rounded artist. One who is able to understand and appreciate the mechanics and art materials of early art forms. It feels really good when we have a broader vision on the world of art itself.  



What are the Benefits of Taking a Class like this? 

Art inspires art, this is a true saying. When we combine a little art history (especially early art history) as well as painting techniques, we gain a deeper appreciation for the actual techniques and how they came about. Most importantly, we see the process of human creativity revealed. This alone inspires us to become more creative and experimental with our own personal artworks.

There Is More To Art Than You Think

Seeing a work of art in the context of its history and culture changes the way we view the bigger world of art. Art is everywhere. It is all around us, but unfortunately many of us can't see it because we don't know what to look for. Ancient art has influenced our architecture, our visual and performing arts, language and the written word. The more we learn about art, the more we understand the political, religious, cultural or economic influence that directs its creation. We understand more about the art that appeals to us today.  

*Downloadable Text files and unlimited access to the Video lessons. 

**When you purchase this class you will receive an automatically generated email  "Confirmation Order" that contains the links for the text pdf files.  Within the files are the links to all the video lessons and the password for viewing them.  



Makes Learning Easy - Class Materials Are Broken Into Bite Size Pieces

  • The first of the course videos starts out by explaining the raw materials of the past. This is key information that helps you understand why certain colors were often used. The world of color theory is born and you are right there to see its birth. Painting exercises get you painting right away.
  • Five painted studies are completed during the course. Starting with the cave art study, students work on technique using sticks and fingers...just like the early cave dwellers did. This is a very fun and creative way to paint.
  • Prior to starting the first of three larger painted studies, you’ll have a well-rounded view of the subjects we’re covering. As we move through the course videos and written lessons together, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment with each new painting experience and a connection to the subjects.
  • Teacher contact information is provided in each lesson so you can easily reach the teachers with questions and ask for critiques to make sure you are on the right path.



Getting to Know Paint - Being successful as an artist is also about making correct choices regarding paint, mediums, pigments, media and surfaces. This section of the program concentrate on artist's materials and what they are about. Together, let's discover the versatility and working properties of professional artist’s grade acrylics.

The First Ancient Study - Cave Painting


Cave Paintings created in prehistoric times (Upper Paleolithic), have been found in Montignac, south western France and also at numerous other locations around the globe. The site where our first painting exercise comes from, named the Lascaux Caves was declared a World Heritage Site in 1979. These paintings were created with natural iron oxide pigments and they document the beginnings of art and art materials as we know them today. Let us begin our journey at the very beginning...


 The Second Ancient Study - Pre-Columbian Icon - Naymlap



Indigenous peoples from vast geographical areas used similar available raw materials. These raw materials came from the earth such as the raw pigments, gems, minerals, and stones to represent and describe their individual cultures and identities. Their use of color and design was often inspired by their belief systems, gods and their environment. Naymlap is a metal icon fashioned after a famous leader.

In this portion of the class, students learn how to create this Pre-Columbian icon. Texture is used rather than clay to build the raised textural pattern on the character and later embelished with gold. Several transparent glazing techniques are applied to build depth and translucency to replicate the precious gemstones used in ancient times. This is a very fun and unique painting exercise for all skill levels.


Each of the five painting exercises comes with videos, text lessons and step by step photographs

(see below)




The Third Ancient Study - Black Figure Greek Vases


The Fourth Ancient Study - Red Figure Greek Vases



  • Five painted studies are completed during the course. Starting with the cave Painting study, students work on  technique and color control.
  • Students have 1 year to complete the course.
  • This class is taught using DecoArt Traditions Artist's Acrylics - Available in our shopping cart
  • Prior to starting the first of three larger painted studies, you’ll have a well-rounded view of the subjects we’re covering. As we move through the videos and written lessons together, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment with each new painting experience.
  • There are many classroom forums where you'll upload photographs of your work, and questions and answers are shared between students and the instructors. There are six instructors for this class. Feedback is very important. This helps you know that you are on the right track. If there are any issues or challenges, these Q & A’s forums help clarify anything that might not be completely clear to you.


The Fifth Ancient Study - The Ishtar Lion


Explore a Mixed Media Painting of an ancient art work!

If you have ever wondered about trying your hand at mixed media, this is a really cool canvas project. You will learn a few cool mixed media painting techniques you can use over and over again on other projects. The idea for this project was taken from an ancient work of art, 'Lion from the Ishtar Gate' featured in the photographs above. Originally made from glazed ceramic tile, we decided to replicate this ancient artwork using modern art materials and painting techniques. This will also be great mixed media techniques to use for other painting projects too.

Learn to use heavy textural mediums and

Colourful glazing techniques


This mixed media painting starts out with a standard stretched canvas surface. This is prepared with the texture medium to create the first stage of this mixed media art piece. Artist and teacher Susan Abdella, demonstrates the technique for making the illusion of the ceramic tile background treatment. Students watch class videos and follow along with the step by step lessons on both video and written format. This way you can work at your own pace and re-wind the videos as often as possible.

Each stage is demonstrated and explained in an easy to understand manner. The pace of the class is determined by you, as you can work through each of the projects at one sitting or take your time over a few weeks. You will learn how to mix the colors and apply them in layers. This is a perfect class for the new or beginner painter as each step is explained.

Reference materials and step by step written lessons are provided- Students are provided with reference materials and line drawings. There is no worry about you having to know how to draw your subject.  These are skills and practices that will serve you well as you paint other projects in the furture.

Painting along with the videos and following the step by step written lessons makes the process a rich and enjoyable learning experience for you.


What are the Additional Benefits of a Class like this? 


It's Also A great Learning Experience For School Age Kids - Grades 7-12


This Painting Class is also for the Self-Motivated Middle to High School, and Home Schooled Artist


Grades 7 - 12


Whether you are searching for an entire art curriculum or simply a few individual painting classes to compliment another art program you are studying, you will find everything you are looking for right here at our online art school.

Independent study students will find our art programs offer a complete painting course to help nurture creative interests. Our online art classes are video based, and offer creative challenges, technical lessons, art history, color theory and skill building exercises for the self-motivated student.

The best way to understand and appreciate art is to observe art being created. In each of our online classes, step by step video demonstrations can be viewed over and over. Classrooms are open 24/7, all year! Techniques are demonstrated, concepts are explained and the student can paint along with the instructor at their own pace, right from home.


Important Points - Lesson Plans 


  • Our online art lessons are matched to school curriculums.
  • Each online class includes lessons and step by step video demonstrations.
  • Class content aligns with the elements and principles of design and the formal elements of art.
  • Lesson plans teach the correct use of art language.
  • Color theory is based on the universally accepted Munsell system.
  • Mixing and color theory are included in all lessons.
  • Emphasis is placed on technique and painting methods.
  • Art concepts are demonstrated within the context of a painting.

 Unlimited access to all classroom materials - Unlimited instructor feedback

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  • 5
    This class opened my eyes!

    Posted by Gail on 16th Dec 2010

    I have painted for over 30 years and learned more in this course about art history, art materials and color than I have in 30 years! Congratulations to the teachers who created this course.

  • 5
    Bravo! This class should be in all schools

    Posted by June on 16th Dec 2010

    This was an amazing experience. Words cannot explain how well designed and laid out this course is. It is an education in art, all by itself. Bravo! Five stars is not enough!! Every High school student and college student should take a class like this one.

  • 5
    The greatest art classes available

    Posted by Joy on 8th Dec 2010

    Being new to the world of painting (except for a semester in high school) the lessons have been a true experience in learning about paints and techniques in general and in detail. Each lesson makes you want to learn more about color. It is a wonderful journey into the world of color and art. The paints, supplies and instructions are top quality. I started out thinking I was going to just dabble in trying to paint but the more I got into it, the more I realized these classes are a one of a kind and I was going to learn to paint as a professional.I recommend this experience to everyone who ever thought about painting. You don't have to know how to paint. You will learn. The teachers are there to help every step of the way.

  • 5
    Surpassed expectations

    Posted by Jane Renzetti on 8th Dec 2010

    When I signed up for Tier One, I expected to learn about the Traditions paints through projects offered by the teachers. The usual decorative painting classes. What I didn't expect was the amount of art history offered, the amount of knowledge imparted re the colour wheel, pigments, the extensive videos for each block. The teachers have been so generous in imparting as much knowledge as they can, it is absolutely mind-boggling. It is not a course just to promote Traditions paints, but to promote being the best artist you can be. Nothing is withheld. I feel that after thirty years of painting, this is the beginning of my journey as an artist. The bonus is that I have discovered a wonderful brand of paints in the Traditions line.

  • 5

    Posted by Barbara Cassidy on 8th Dec 2010

    Whether you are a beginner or advanced painting this program will open more doors into the world of color. The right tools are given to build knowledge. The price for this is such a deal for the contents and professionalism by the instructors. There are no language barriers here - fellow students will assist in translations if asked or needed. I'm meeting students from around the world right from my own home! I would recommend doing the full course instead of the fast track to get the most out of the program. It's worth even penny!

  • 5
    THE BEST !!

    Posted by H.Tulip on 8th Dec 2010

    This course is for everyone...no matter how much you think you know, there is so much more to learn..It is presented in such a way that you are never 'alone',the ladies are always one click away,and they respond QUICKLY..This is the BEST .Traditions paints are top quality..This online course is worth its weight in gold.

  • 5

    Posted by Lynnette Horn on 7th Dec 2010

    This course is jammed packed with information. I loved experimenting with the Traditions paints and the paintings, though inspired by antiquity, fit in any contemporary decor. The most eye openning lesson was seeing color in 3D. Definitely worth the price.

  • 5
    TIER 1 was the best beginning to my art journey!

    Posted by Janice Montreuil, Lancaster, ON-CANADA on 7th Dec 2010

    Tier 1 in its entirety opened my eyes and began a journey that I hope I never reach the end of. Each project and lesson took me a little further into a world of colour and techniques and then gave me the skills to continue to the next project and be successful and satisfied with the finished painting. The history of each lesson and the painting it contained was so exciting and the videos were just amazing.

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