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e-Video CLASS - A City Scape - Textured Painting with artist Barbara Cassidy

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e-Video CLASS - A City Scape - Textured Painting with artist Barbara Cassidy





 e-Video Painting Class for Beginner Painters

A City Scape - Reflections

Acrylic Palette Knife Textured Painting

with Artist Barbara Cassidy

For the Beginning Artist and Beyond...

This textured painting of a city scape is an ideal starter class for any beginning painter. Students can easily achieve success with the use of heavy paint and a palette knife.

Instructor and artist Barbara Cassidy walks the student through the entire process with easy to understand demonstrations and explanations. The class is sure to open the door to creativity and help the student explore the possibilities of working with acrylic texture medium.

Class Presentation...

The class is presented with several step by step videos, and written text lessons. Students can contact the teacher with  photographs of their work for feedback and critique.

Unlimited Class Access...

Work at your own pace with access to videos 24/7.  When you purchase this class you receive an automatically generated email Order Confirmation that contains a link for downloading the class pdf file and the information for accessing the video lessons.


Learning Outcome:

Students learn to use the palette knife,create texture and create basic reflections on a canvas surface.

Learn to see how light and dark values can be used to create interest.


Canvas Surface:

The class subject is painted on a 20x24 canvas, however students can adjust the size and shape of the canvas.


Color palettes can be adjusted to suit the students preferences. This class is ongoing, with unlimited access.

Register today and start painting your very own cityscape.

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