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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Western Tanager Bird – Acrylic - By artist Glenice Moore

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Western Tanager Bird – Acrylic - By artist Glenice Moore

Downloadable Painting Pattern 

Western Tanager Bird – Acrylic - By artist Glenice Moore

If you have ever wondered how to paint a Western Tanager in Acrylics, this pattern will surely help. With this step by step painting pattern, artist Glenice Moore shares her basic painting notes with each step photo to help you achieve success. Prior painting experience will help.

Using her wet in wet painting technique, students are able to replicate the colors, tones, values and details in a relaxed fashion.

Pattern includes - 8 step photos, basic step notes and complete line drawing.

SURFACE: Canvas of desired size. Reduce or enlarge line drawing as needed.

 (I like to use Portrait canvas)


PALETTE:  DecoArt Traditions™ Acrylic Paint:

Sapphire Blue DAT27

Titanium White DAT35

Carbon Black DAT42

Light Grey DAT39

Raw Umber DAT45

Sap Green DAT 59

Chrome Green – To mix this color use the following:

(Phthalo Green Yellow, Raw Sienna, Titanium White, Burnt Umber 1:1:1:1.5)

Pine Green DAT19

Yellow Green DAT16

Hansa Yellow DAT14

Warm White DAT36

Medium White DAT37

Naphthol Red DAT02

Perinone Orange DAT08

Indian Yellow DAT11


MEDIUMS: DecoArt Traditions™

Extender Medium DAT02

Glazing Medium DAT01


Krylon Crystal™ Clear Spray Varnish



Dynasty Black Gold

206 Flat Wash 3/4 inch

206 Shader No’s 2, 4, 8

206 Round No’s 2, 4



Viva Paper Towels or Blue Shop Towels

Stay-Wet Palette and paper

Water container & small container for Extender Medium 

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