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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Till the Cows Come Home Landscape Painting - Acrylic - by Artist Neadeen Masters

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Till the Cows Come Home Landscape Painting -  Acrylic -  by Artist Neadeen Masters

Downloadable E-Painting Pattern


Till The Cows Come Home

Landscape Painting - by Artist Neadeen Masters

Follow along as artist Neadeen Masters explains the painting steps for creating this traditional Landscape Painting using acrylics. Learn how to paint a simple yet traditional landscape composition with cows and an icon of country life, the red barn. 

This pattern can be re-sized to fit any canvas surface. Enlarge the line drawing to suit.

The traditional theme and warm palette of colors will fit into any room decor. Have fun as you create your own wall art for home decor. Just choose the place, choose the size and start painting


This painting lesson helps one understand the steps to approach a landscape painting with basic elements such as trees, hills, pastures, cows, a building and rolling hills and sky.

This acrylic painting lesson includes, detailed written instructions, line drawing and color images to help you understand the painting process.



Naphthol Red Light

Dioxazine Purple

Hansa Yellow Medium 

Ultramarine Blue

Titanium White – Opaque

Carbon Black 

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna

Sap Green

Raw Sienna

Yellow Oxide

Quinacridone Gold

 Mediums:  DecoArt Traditions
  • Extender and Blending Medium DATM02
  • Glazing Medium DATM01
  • Gesso
  • Traditions Satin Varnish 

Brushes:  DecoArt Tradition

  • Small mops for blending and softening
  • Large mop for blending and softening sky
  • Filberts Sizes 8, 10
    Detail Liner
  • #10 flat brush
  • Large Flat Brush for background
  • Old scruffy brush for stippling foliage

Surface: 16"x20" Canvas – Fit Portrait

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