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E-PAINTING PATTERN - The Window Box - Acrylic Painting Lesson / Pattern by Artist Donna Richards

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - The Window Box - Acrylic Painting Lesson / Pattern by Artist Donna Richards

Looking for Summer Inspiration?

How about A Window Box?



Summer Inspiration - The Window Box - Acrylic Painting Pattern by Artist Donna Richards - ready for your immediate download

Painting window boxes has been a favorite subject for artists for years.  Summer Inspiration for painting can come from many places and this is a sure fire subject to get your brushes moving! Most especially when it comes to looking for summer inspired themes. In this downloadable acrylic painting pattern, artist Donna Richards explains her step by step process for how to paint a windowbox. Not only will you learn how to paint a window box, but also the masses of overflowing flowers and the interesting textures on the walls of the house. 

Donna explains in how she incorporated texture medium to create the stucco like walls, and explains how to build on the form of the different elements. For example, the topiary balls and the decorative flower planter as well as the flowers and trailing greenery all show good three dimensional form, creating the illusion of depth.

In this 14 page painting pattern, there are also step photos describing the stages of each section. The acrylic painting techniques used in the pattern are stippling, washes, glazing, wet in wet blending, and detailed work created with liner and round brushes. Lots to learn for the beginning artist as well as the intermediate artist alike. So if you are looking for summer inspiration for painting, start your warm weather projects with this painting pattern!


Painting Surface:

The original painting is on deep profile gallery wrapped canvas - 14 x 18"

The line drawing can be enlarged and applied to any proportionately sized canvas you desire.


Palette: DecoArtTraditions™ Acrylic

Naphthol Red – PR170

Hansa Yellow – PY 74

Medium Beige

Warm White

Medium White

Titanium White – PW 6

Pine Green

Raw Sienna – PBr 7

Burnt Sienna – PBr 7

Raw Umber – PBr 7

Burnt Umber – PBr 7

Cerulean Blue – PB 35

Ultramarine Blue – PB 29

Black – PBlk7

Light, Medium and Dark Grey – Values 8, 6 & 3



Glazing Medium DAT01

Extender & Blending Medium DAT02

Multi-Surface Sealer DAT03

Satin Varnish DAT04

DecoArt Textures / Stucco


Standard Painting Supplies including:

Tracing paper or Acetate

Wax free, dark graphite paper for transferring the pattern onto your surface

Stylus or fine point pen

Roll of paper towel

Scotch tape

Blue Painters Tape – 1 ½"

Palette Knife with bent blade (for mixing paint and for applying the stucco texture )

Wax palette for blending – Wet palette for setting the paint out on.

Water bucket

Fine Point Sharpie or other permanent pen


DecoArt Traditions™ Brushes

Round #3 – TB03

Round #4 – TB04

Flat ¾" – TB07

Flat #12 – TB35

Short Liner #1 –TB18

Long Liner #0 – TB12

Oval Mop –TB21

Mini Mop- TB#1

Blender Mop ½: - TB112

Filbert #6 – TB41

Filbert #12 - TB44


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