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E-PAINTING PATTERN - The Rose Visitor- Little Finch - Acrylic - Artist Gaby Hunter

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The Rose Visitor - A Little Finch

The Rose Visitor - Little Finch - Acrylic Painting Pattern



The Rose Visitor - Little Finch - this is an e-pattern ready for immediate download. Once purchased, you will receive an email with downloading instructions.

This acrylic painting pattern features a soft palette of colors and is sure to put a smile on your face. It is painted with artist acrylics, using simple wet in wet painting techniques along with transparent color glazes applied towards the end. The design illustrates how three dimensional depth is created by controlling the color intensity as well as the values of the objects. Artist and teacher Gaby Hunter has created this garden theme composition both your learning and enjoyment.

Observe...Objects within the composition are placed in such a way that they overlap each other. This is a design concept used to create additional depth from the foreground to the background. There's lots to learn by studying and painting this very pretty design.


Surface: Canvas size is 9"x 12"


DecoArt Traditions Acrylics

Perm. Alizarin Crimson PR177

Brown Madder PR175

Naphthol Red PR170

Naphthol Red Light PR9

Hansa Yellow – PY74

Yellow Deep – PY139, PBr7BS

Phthalo Green Blue – PG7

Pine Green PBr7RS, PB15:3, PY83

Phthalo Blue – PB15:3

Ultramarine Blue – PB29

Dioxazine Purple -- PV23

Titanium White – PW6

Medium White – PW6, PBr7RU, PY42

Medium Beige – PBr7BU, PY42, PW6

Burnt Umber – PBr 7

Carbon Black – PBlk7 


DecoArt Brushes

Soft White Mop TB121

Oval ¾” TB52

Angle ¼“ TB72

Blender Mop TB111

Filberts Sizes 10-TB43,12-TB44

Round #3 TB21


Kolinsky Quill #3 (for detailing)

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