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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Rose Drama - Acrylics - by Sharon Hamilton

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Downloadable E-Painting Pattern - Rose Drama Acrylic Painting - by Sharon Hamilton

Downloadable E-Painting Pattern 

Media: Acrylic

Rose Drama Acrylic Painting - by Sharon Hamilton

This painting pattern comes with line drawing, detailed written instructions and many step photos. Sharon has also included the color samples of each of her paint mixes.

DecoArt Traditions Acrylics:

Burnt Umber- DAT46 (PBr7), Carbon Black- DAT55 (PBk7), Cobalt Blue Hue- DAT55 (PB60), Dark Grey Value 3- DAT41 (PBk7, PW6), Hansa Yellow Light- DAT15 (PY3), Naphthol Red- DAT02 (PR170), Opaque White- DAT58 (PW6), Permanent Alizarin Crimson- DAT51 (PR177), Pine Green-DAT190 (PY83, PBr7, PB15.3), Quinacridone Violet- DAT33 (PR122), Raw Sienna- DAT43 (PBr7), Red Violet- DAT32 (PV19), Titanium White- DAT35 (PW6), Warm White- DAT36 (PW6, PY42)

**Please note that after each color is the DecoArt item number. In parenthesis is a Pigment number that can be cross referenced when substituting other paints such as oils. If there isn’t a number associated with the pigment then that particular color is a mixture of other colors. DecoArt Traditions Mediums: Blending & Extender (DATM02), Glazing (DATM01), Satin Varnish (DATM04)

DecoArt Traditions Brushes:

1” Flat (TB-38), 3/4” Oval (TB-51), #3/0 Liner (TB-11), #8, #10 & #12 Filberts (TB-42 –TB44), #8, #10 & #12 Flats (TB-33 - TB-35)

Supplies: stylus, white & grey transfer paper, tracing paper, fine tip marker (for tracing the design), wash basin, waxed palette, covered palette box, Scott Shop Paper Towels (for wet palette), fine spray mister (keeps paint moist), palette knife, DecoArt Gesso (optional), tape (to hold pattern in place while tracing), fine sandpaper

Surface: 9”x12”


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