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E-PAINTING PATTERN- Rocking Chair Bear - Oil Painting Lesson by artist Marriann Nelson

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E-PAINTING PATTERN- Rocking Chair  Bear - Oil Painting Lesson by artist Marriann Nelson



Downloadable Painting Pattern

Media - Oil

Learn how to paint an adorable teddy bear and rocking chair with oil paints by following Marriann’s straight forward painting method. She teaches the under-painting, over-painting, adding the highlights and explains how to glaze with oil paint! Easy enough for beginners and fun and relaxing for those with experience! A great piece using a very limited palette. Over 30 photos and step by step instructions

A little history about the artist:

Marriann was born and raised near Idaho Falls, Idaho and grew up in a large and loving family. She always loved to draw but never had the opportunity for lessons. Her family worked hard just to put food on the table but Marriann was given dancing lessons.   She studied dance and toured Europe with her University Dance Team. She married at 19 and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and started a family. She raised 5 wonderful children and home schooled them so they would have more opportunity to study and participate in the arts. Two of her children have taught dancing as professional dancers on “Dancing with the Stars” and her son is on it again this season! It was not until after Marriann had moved to Las Vegas that she had the opportunity to take art lessons. She studied painting with Johnnie Liliedahl and become a certified art instructor with her.

***Marriann paints in both oils and acrylics and has taught many students in both Las Vegas and Nashville, TN where she also resides part of the year.

12 x 16 Primed Stretched Canvas
Easel to set the canvas on

Permalba Professional Oils
(RU) Raw Umber
(TW) Titanium White

3 Brushes
½ inch angle Sable, Synthetic or Mongoose
1 inch flat Sable, Synthetic or Mongoose


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