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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Paper Roses - Mixed Media by Gaby Hunter

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Mixed Media - Paper Roses


Paper Roses By Gaby Hunter

Mixed Media Art is very popular. This down-loadable painting pattern is certainly not the exception. Artist Gaby Hunter has created a lovely composition that teaches how to use an assortment of media such as acrylic paint, paper shapes, mediums, air dry clay and texture to build a dramatic and fun design. Learn how to combine flower shapes, how to embelish and make clay leaves and layer unique color combinations to make this artwork. Using products such as DecoArt Texture Glass Mediums, DecoArt Modeling paste and Traditions acrylic paint, Gaby shows you how to build a three dimenshional composition that you can paint and proudly display.

This downloadable painting pattern comes with step by step written instructions, photographs and valuable steps to make your own mixed media work of art.


DecoArt Traditions Paint

  • DAT02 Naphthol Red
  • DAT03 Naphthol Red Light
  • DAT52 Hansa Yellow Medium
  • DAT13 Dairylide Yellow
  • DAT12 Yellow Oxide
  • DAT23 Phthalo Green-Blue
  • DAT19 Pine Green
  • DAT29 Aquamarine Blue
  • DAT32 Red Violet
  • DAT31 Dioxazine Purple
  • DAT37 Medium White
  • DAT35 Titanium White
  • DAT42 Carbon Black


DecoArt Traditions Brushes

  • TB43 #10 Filbert
  • TB35 #12 Flat
  • TB51 #3/4” Oval
  • TB21 #3 Round
  • TB13 #3 Kolinsky Quill or TB11 3/0 Liner
  • TB121 3/4” Soft White Mop
  • TB112 ½” Blender Mop


DecoArt Traditions Mediums

  • DATM02 Extender & Blending Medium
  • DATM01 Glazing Medium


DecoArt Textures

  • TX01 Texture Glass
  • TX02 Modeling Paste
  • DS69 One Step Crackle
  • DAS37 Glamour Dust



  • 12 x 12 Canvas


Other Supplies

  • QuikWood
  • Various stamps, real leaves
  • Tim Holtz Tattered Jumbo Tattered Florals Die Cut
  • Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die Cut
  • 140 pound Watercolor Paper to use for die cutting
  • Bee Push Molds
  • Yellow Seed Beads
  • Glue Adhesive
  • Bronze Wire

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