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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Pansy Fest - Acrylic - By Sue Pruett, MDA

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Pansy Fest - Acrylic - By Sue Pruett, MDA

Downloadable Painting Pattern

Media: Acrylic

Pansy Fest - Acrylic - By Sue Pruett, MDA

Paint it BIG or SMALL...It’s beautiful!

This unique 'stroke' painting style evolved from traditional and historic stroke painting. The flowers are formed using contoured, double-loaded, brush strokes. As you can see, each formed brush stroke shows a subtle value change between light and dark colors.

This painting technique has many uses and above all, teaches the art student how to control both brush pressure and brush loading at the same time. This is an excellent exercise in learning brush control and shape following strokes.

Discover how artist Sue Pruett approaches a stroke flower painting with a beautiful color palette, controlled brush work and great attention to detail.

***This downloadable Painting Pattern comes complete with line drawing, written instructions, video and step photos.



Palette:  DecoArt Traditions Artist  Acrylics 

Medium White 

Warm White  

Hansa Yellow 

Yellow Oxide 

Naphthol Red 

Ultramarine Blue  

Sap Green 

Dioxazine Purple 

Red Violet 


DecoArt Traditions Mediums  Blending and Extender Medium  Glazing Medium   Satin Varnish 


Brushes:  DecoArt Traditions 

TB11 ‐ 3/0 liner 

TB12 ‐ 0 liner 

TB35 – 12 flat 

TB38 – 1” flat 

TB42 – 8 filbert 

TB43 – 10 filbert 

TB101 – 0 mini mop 

TB122 – 1” Soft White Mop   



9”x12” canvas panel or Masonite 

Wet Palette Container 

Wax Palette Paper 

Palette Knife 

Paper Towels 

Gray Graphite Paper 

Tracing Paper 


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