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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Ompir Styled Fruit for Beginners - Susan Abdella,MDA

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Ompir Styled Fruit for Beginners - Susan Abdella,MDA

Folk Art - Early American Ompir Style

A Downloadable Acrylic Painting Pattern - Ompir Styled Fruit for Beginners by Susan Abdella,MDA

Peter Ompir was a well known Early American folk artist. This design is after the style of his folk art fruit. That is to say, the simplicity of composition and the warm palette of colors was one of his signatures.

This is a painting design that is fun and easy for the beginning artist.  The stylized fruit literally comes to life through the transparent color glazes, making it a delight to paint and decorate anywhere in your home. 

Though this painting is on a small tray, the pattern is easily adaptable to metal and small furniture among many other items around the home, patio and garden.  It is simply fun, fun, fun!

All Paints, Mediums and Brushes are DecoArt Tradition


DAT02Naphthol Red

DAT06English Red Oxide


DAT12Yellow Oxide

DAT13Diarylide Yellow

DAT14Hansa Yellow

DAT19Pine Green

DAT24Phthalo Blue

DAT32Red Violet

DAT37Medium White                      

DAT42Carbon Black

DAT46Burnt Umber

DAT47Brown Madder

DAT50True Gold



DATM01Glazing Medium

DATM02Extender& Blending Medium

DATM04Satin Varnish

DATM08Dark Primer



TB120 Liner

 TB11 3/0 Liner

TB213 Round

TB428 Filbert or TB43 10 Filbert

TB616 Filbert

TB73 3/8" Angle

TB1010 Mini Mop

TB1221" Soft White Mop

*** Ready for immediate download

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