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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Mountain Goat - Acrylic by artist Neadeen Masters

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Add this  handsome Mountain Goat portrait to your wildlife painting collection.

Downloadable painting Pattern

Media - Acrylic

Downloadable Painting Pattern - Mountain Goat 

by artist Neadeen Masters


Wildlife is always an interesting subject to paint. This acrylic Mountain Goat lesson,will provide several hours of painting pleasure. The design`s line drawing can be re-sized to fit any surface of your choosing. The original is painted on a 16x20`` canvas.

 Artist Neadeen Masters created this painting using a standard acrylic wet in wet blending method.


This downloadable wildlife lesson includes a detailed line drawing, written painting instructions and photos illustrating the different steps of the painting.

Naphthol Red Light

Red Violet

Hansa Yellow Medium

Titanium White – Opaque

Carbon Black -- PBk7

Phthalo Blue

Raw Umber

Burnt Sienna

Raw Sienna

Quinacridone Gold  (transparent pigment for glazing) important.


Mediums:  DecoArt Traditions

Extender and Blending Medium DATM02

Glazing Medium DATM01

Gesso and Satin Varnish


Brushes:  DecoArt Tradition

Small mops for blending and softening

Filberts Sizes 8, 10

Liner 3/0

Large Flat Brush and large soft mop for background


Other Supplies:

  • 16x20 Canvas – Fit landscape
  • Clear Lay Acetate to trace your design on. This will help you create a very accurate line drawing and transfer.
    White Graphite Paper
  • Black Sharpe Pen (Extra Fine) for tracing onto the clear acetate.



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