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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Landscape Painting Lesson - Mink Creek Barn - Oil Painting Pattern by Artist Donna H. Richards

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Landscape  Painting Lesson - Mink Creek Barn - Oil Painting Pattern by Artist Donna H. Richards




Media: OIL

Mink Creek Barn is a downloadable oil painting pattern for artists of all levels. Artist Donna Richards first explains to the student artist some of the fundamentals about working with oils for the first time, the information she explains is also an excellent review for the artist with more oil painting experience.


This painting pattern includes the step by step painting instructions and several photos that explain the approach to this painting composition.

  • Using a wet in wet or Alla prima oil painting technique, Donna will help you work your way through the design.
  • Simple brush mixing skills are used for creating a wide variety of green hues for trees and foliage.  You will learn about painting old barn wood and weathered metal roof.
  • The lesson also includes reference for painting simple animal shapes and of course the step by step details for creating the much loved  working country barn and farm tractor.  


Alla Prima technique, meaning that the painting is completed in one sitting, so the paints are thinned out a little bit with a medium that will speed drying time.  Discover this wet in wet painting technique that will help you paint faster and with greater ease.


Oil Painting SUPPLIES:

Surface (support): 16" x 20" stretched canvas. If you prefer to paint on a smoother surface brush on 2 or 3 coats of acrylic gesso following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Palette: (Artist Grade Oils)

Burnt Umber

 Raw Umber

 Burnt Sienna

 Cadmium Red Medium

 Cadmium Yellow Medium

 Paynes Grey (Permalba brand)

 Ultramarine Blue

 Titanium White

 Liquin or Liqui-glaze Medium

 Burnt Sienna Acrylic paint

 Burnt Umber Acrylic paint


Suggested Brushes:

Bristle Filberts (or flats)

 Bristle fan for foliage

 Red Sable fan or 1 to 1 ½ inch Hake Brush for softening

 #2, #4 Sable Filberts

 Bright or Flat –#4, #6, #8 (These can be Sable or a Synthetic)

 #3 Round and #1 Liner


Acrylic Painting Tecnique...

P.S - Should you wish to paint this design using acrylic paints, simply use the comparable colors and an Extender for keeping your paints from drying too quickly.

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