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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Hollyhocks In Pink - Acrylic - By Artist Barbara Cassidy

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Hollyhocks In Pink - Acrylic - By Artist Barbara Cassidy

A Downloadable Painting Pattern - Hollyhocks In Pink - Acrylic -

By Artist Barbara Cassidy

This spring, the hollyhocks outside of our church were amazing. They stood so tall against the blue sky and paraded the most vivid display of pink hues. The edges were softly ruffled and begged to be touched, photographed and painted. So I did exactly that! I touched, photographed and painted them!

The technique used to paint this piece is very loose and painterly. Several transparent layers create a translucent look and feel. This is achieved by layering small amounts of paint with the use of extender.

The light, dark, warm and cool aqua background helps give this piece a dynamic background that supports the pretty pink colors. Both warm and cool pinks help create temperature contrast in the flowers and background.

- Hollyhocks in Pink painting lesson is a great way to loosen up your painting technique. Using a layering method, artist Barbara Cassidy has created a pretty floral design to paint on canvas or adapted to decorate any paintable surface.


Suitable for Beginning artists to intermediate artists. Lots to learn.


NOTE: This painting pattern comes complete with step by step color photographs, written painting instructions and line drawing so you can follow along. No drawing skills required.



Supply List
Surface - 11” x 14” canvas

Various sizes of Flat and Filbert Brushes
Small Mop Brush
Graphite Paper
Palette Paper
Water Container

Paints – Deco Art Traditions Artist Acrylics
Alizarin Crimson
Aquamarine Blue
Burnt Umber
Dioxazine Purple
Hansa Yellow Medium
Light Violet
Medium Rose
Perinone Orange
Pine Green
Quinacridone Violet
Titanium White

Mediums – Deco Art Traditions
Glazing Medium
Satin Varnish

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