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E-PAINTING PATTERN-Hollyhocks by the Fence - Acrylic by Artist Neadeen Masters

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E-PAINTING PATTERN-Hollyhocks by the Fence - Acrylic by Artist Neadeen Masters

Downloadable E-Painting Pattern

Media - Acrylic

Hollyhocks by the Fence -  Acrylic - by Artist Neadeen Masters

Painting from photographs is a popular approach to creating your own composition. However not every photograph is worthy of painting. That said, with a little 'know - how' the artist can add, change, adjust and use the idea from the photograph to create an interesting composition.


If you wish to learn how artist Neadeen Masters created this happy and colorful painting from a very ho-hum photograph...Then this painting lesson will bring you closer to creating your own unique paintings from photos. 

Besides the actual painting lesson, Neadeen shares her thoughts and ideas as she made changes and adjustments to the original photograph to create the final composition.

***This Painting Pattern includes the painting instructions, step by step stages and line drawing. It also includes an overview of the design process.  


This 22 page painting lesson provides step by step instructions for completion.          

Naphthol Red Light

Naphthol Red

Red Violet

Hansa Yellow Medium 

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Green Blue

Phthalo Blue

Cobalt Blue Hue

Titanium White – Opaque

Carbon Black -- PBk7

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna

Sap Green

Yellow Oxide

Quinacridone Gold (optional)

Mediums:  DecoArt Traditions

Extender and Blending Medium DATM02

Glazing Medium DATM01

Gesso and Satin Varnish 

Brushes:  DecoArt Tradition

Small mops for blending and softening

Filberts Sizes 8, 10

#12 Dome Blender - TB93

Round #3- TB2
Liner 3/0

Large Flat Brush for background

Old scrubby brush for foliage 

Other Supplies:

16 x 30” Canvas – Fit Portrait 

***NOTE - This flower design can easily be enlarged to fit any size canvas. As shown in the room interior photos, the piece will create a statement and add a big pop of colour to any space!

Clear Lay Acetate to trace your design on. This will help you create a very accurate line drawing and transfer.
White Graphite Paper
Black Sharpe Pen (Extra Fine) for tracing onto the clear acetate.


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