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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Fruit Medley Folk Art - Acrylic Wood Stain Technique by Susan Abdella,MDA

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Fruit Medley Folk Art - Acrylic Wood Stain Technique by Susan Abdella,MDA

Learn A New Painting Technique - Create Wood Stain Glazes with Acrylic paints.

Acrylic - Downloadable Painting Pattern- Fruit Medley - Wood Stain Technique by Susan Abdella,MDA:

Wood stain painting is a centuries old painting technique popular throughout Europe especially in folk art painting. It is simply staining the wood with color, allowing the wood grain to show through.

Ideally clear, light wood is most effective and does provide a common or unifying color (avoid heavily grained and dark wood). The technique is basically one of layering transparent or semi-transparent pigments, drying between and creating form and interest. 

This design is a good one for the beginning artist that wants to learn a new painting technique using acrylic paints.


PALETTE - DecoArt Traditions Artist's Acrylics

Titanium White - PW6                      Pine Green

Hansa Yellow - PY74                        Teal Green

Dairylide Yellow - PY83                    Naphthol Red - PR170

Yellow Oxide - PY42                        Brown Madder - PR175

Raw Sienna - PBr7                          Red Violet - PV19

English Red Oxide - PR101              Ultramarine Blue - PB29

Black - PBk7                                  Burnt Umber - PBr7


MEDIUMS - DecoArt Traditions Artist's Acrylic Mediums

DecoArt Traditions Extender

Glazing Medium

Satin Varnish


DecoArt Traditions BRUSHES

Chisel Blenders - #8,#10,#12  - TB62, YB63, TB64

Liner - #0 or #1 - TB12, TB11

Angle Brush - ¼” or ⅜” - TB72, TB73

Filbert - #6, #8 - TB41, TB42

Small Mini Mop #O or #1 - TB101, TB102

Dome Blender Mop #8 - TB91

Large Wash Brush - TB37

1" Soft White Mop -  TB122

Large Angle 1/2" - TB74  (optional)





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