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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Bird of Paradise Flower Painting - Acrylic by Neadeen Masters

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Bird of Paradise Flower Painting - Acrylic by Neadeen Masters

 Downloadable Painting Pattern

Bird of Paradise Flower Painting - Acrylic by Neadeen Masters

NOTE: The original painting was painted on a smaller canvas...11”x14” However, the line drawing can be enlarged to any to fit any desired size Surface. The images show how dramatic this tropical flower design would look if enlarged for statement wall art used in home decor.

The Bird of Paradise flower is one of the most unique tropical flowers. It has always been fascinating to me. Growing up in the tropics, they were common place in most gardens. Their unusual shape and rubber like texture always intrigued me. In fact, they were one of the chosen flowers at our wedding reception and our wedding colors were selected from the flower’s wonderful palette of colors. For me it’s a happy flower with a perky personality!


As stated before, the painting pattern can be enlarged to fit any size canvas surface. Create large statement pieces to decorate your home or paint a small 11”x14”as a stand alone painting. Either way, you'll be proud to show off this tropical flower painting.

Follow along with this pattern and instructions as artist Neadeen Masters explains the process. A simple wet in wet painting technique is used with the help of Extender medium and acrylics.


INCLUDED:This painting pattern includes a line drawing, written painting instructions and lots of photos illustrating the painting process. Learn how to paint a bird of paradise flower using acrylics and a simple method. 


 Palette:  DecoArt Traditions

Naphthol Red Light

Naphthol Red

Red Violet

Hansa Yellow Medium

Vermilion Orange (optional)

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Green Blue

Dioxazine Purple

Titanium White – Opaque

Carbon Black -- PBk7

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna

Sap Green

Yellow Oxide

Mediums:  DecoArt Traditions

Extender and Blending Medium DATM02

Glazing Medium DATM01

Gesso and Satin Varnish


Brushes:  DecoArt Tradition

Small mops for blending and softening

Filberts Sizes 8, 12

Round #3 TB2
Liner 3/0

#10 flat brush

Large Flat Brush for background

Other Supplies:

11x14 Canvas – Fit landscape

  • §  Clear Lay Acetate to trace your design on. This will help you create a very accurate line drawing and transfer.
  • §  White Graphite Paper
  • §  Black Sharpe Pen (Extra Fine) for tracing onto the clear acetate.
  • §  Palette knife for mixing.

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