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E-PAINTING PATTERN- Arctic Wolf - Acrylic - by artist Connie Clark

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E-PAINTING PATTERN- Arctic Wolf - Acrylic - by artist Connie Clark



            Learn how to paint this Arctic Wolf

With the help of this step by step acrylic painting pattern you not only paint wildlife but also learn how to make your acrylic paints perform like an oil paint...all for easy blending! Connie shows you how with her step by step instructions.

This painting lesson is designed for the artist who is interested in painting a wildlife composition using acrylic paints. Painting an animal for the first time can be daunting, however Connie's written instructions will be a most helpful guide as you discover this subject.

NOTE: This design can be sized to fit any surface. Adjust brush sizes as needed.

Learn how to paint the wolf using the following painting techniques.
  • Wet in wet acrylic painting techniques are used to create the background foliage by layering lighter values on top of the dark values. Easy painting for the beginning artist and intermediate painter alike.
  • The colors in the background branches are added by using transparent color glazes over the initial brush strokes.
  • A scumbling technique is utilized to create the lightest areas fallowing the path of light on the ground.
  • The texture of the tree is created by pulling horizontal strokes into a wet basecoat.
  • The body of the wolf is established by washing in thin layers of color followed by pulling individual strokes to create the detail in the fur. Multiple layers are used to create a dense but soft body of fur.





Painting Supplies Needed


Palette Deco Art Traditions Acrylics

DAT07 Quinacridone Gold

DAT11 Indian Yellow

DAT15 Hansa Yellow Light

DAT18 Chrome Green Hue

DAT24 Phthalo Blue

DAT26 Ultramarine Blue

DAT28 Cerulean Blue

DAT35 Titanium White

DAT36 Warm White

DAT37 Medium White

DAT42 Carbon Black

DAT43 Raw Sienna

DAT44 Burnt Sienna

DAT45 Raw Umber

DAT52 Hansa Yellow Medium

DAT58 Opaque White

DAT59 Sap Green


Deco Art Traditions Mediums

DATM01 Glazing Medium

DATM02 Extender and Blending Medium

DATM04 Satin Varnish




Deco Art Traditions Brushes

3/0 liner

#6,8,10,12, filberts

3/4 flat

other brushes

1 inch white bristle brush and 10/0 liner


18 x 24 inch canvas or surface of your choice. Enlarge or reduce the line drawing to fit the chosen surface size.


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