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E-PAINTING PATTERN - An Aspen Grove - Winter Cardinal - Acrylic In-Depth Art Study - Artist Neadeen Masters

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - An Aspen Grove - Winter Cardinal - Acrylic In-Depth Art Study - Artist Neadeen Masters

How To Paint A Cardinal Bird in a Winter Landscape setting. This Painting Lesson Is An In-Debth Art Study.

A Little History: Cardinal birds have a long held a fascination for artists. As a child growing up in the Caribbean, I could only dream of these bright red birds that graced the Christmas cards received each year from abroad. A student of mine shared a photograph of a cardinal, and that was the inspiration for this painting. A winter landscape provided the best suitable backdrop to showcase this regal bird. Many years later on a teaching trip to eastern Canada I was thrilled to see these birds, both male and female flitting from tree to tree.  I hope you will enjoy this painting lesson. I have used it as a way to introduce many artistic concepts that I have found to be extremely useful for me to study on this my artistic journey.

The lesson is packed full with artistic information. Designed and written for the artist who wants to learn the theory behind the illusion of distance and atmospheric perspective, as well as linear perspective and dimension.


The written lesson not only provides the step by step instructions for painting the composition, but also  explains each artistic principle that supports the paintings progression. Complete with written notes and graphics,the student is able to refer to each principle and study how it is applied in the context of the painting. This kind of knowledge is invaluable for painting landscapes and other compositions that require strong focal areas and correct perspective.

                  The Ellipse In Perspective



 Students will learn these and much more:

  • How to use Atmospheric Perspective
  • How to develop a Focal Area
  • How to create depth in a landscape painting
  • How to evaluate a painting relative to value, intensity, color balance, details, and reflected light and focal area.
  • How to work with a light source
  • How to mix and brush mix color working with a limited palette.

Teaching this Painting and Lesson

If teachers wish to teach this design, a limited Teaching License is available for your purchase for $75 per 10 students… This additional fee allows the teacher to make 10 copies of the lesson for each of their students. This Teaching License must be purchased if the teacher wishes to teach this lesson.

Please contact Neadeen Masters directly for permission and to make arrangements to purchase the limited License. - mailto:neadeenmasters@artapprenticeonline.com


Paint, mediums and brush supplies: available from www.artapprenticeonline.com and can be shipped to you.

 P.S. This lesson has 27 pages.
NOTE: This painting Pattern is ready for your immediate download. Once purchased, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your painting pattern lesson. Please watch for the email. Download and save your pattern to your computer.


Palette: Traditions Acrylic: (ten color starter set).

Carbon Black – PBk 7

Hansa Yellow – PY 74

Naphthol Red – PR 170

Naphthol Red Light – PR 9

Phthalo Blue – PB 15:3

Phthalo Green-Blue - PG 7

Raw Sienna – PBr 7

Raw Umber – PBr 7

Titanium White – PW 6

Ultramarine Blue – PB 


Glazing Medium DAM01

Extender & Blending Medium DAM02

Multi-Surface Sealer DAM03

Satin Varnish DAM04 

All Standard Supplies including:

Tracing paper

Wax free, dark and light graphite paper


Roll of paper towel

Scotch tape

Palette knife (for mixing)

Wax palette

Water bucket

Traditions Artist Brushes:

Flat ¾”

Short Liner #1

Mop 1”

Angular 3/8”


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  • 5
    I am impressed

    Posted by Margo M. on 5th May 2015

    This is my second pattern by Neadeen, and wow, it is great! So much detail and information on 28 (!!!) pages. Very easy to follow. I initially bought it to learn about painting winter cardinals. I love painting winter landscape, and cardinals are a good addition to it. I've learned so much more than just cardinals. I did not know some things about painting snow and the anatomy of the tree and its bark. Very good techniques and tips. Thank you so much! I hope you do more birds in the future, maybe black-capped chickadees? (please!) :)

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