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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Acrylic- Stroke Pansies and Violas - by artist Sue Pruett MDA

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Acrylic- Stroke Pansies and Violas - by artist Sue Pruett MDA

How to Paint Pansy Flowers with Artist Sue Pruett MDA 


Downloadable Painting Pattern or E-Pattern 

Acrylic Pansies and Violas - by artist Sue Pruett MDA

Discover simple brush strokes and learn how to create your own flower paintings. Learn how to paint floral shapes and leaves - This design can be applied to several surfaces. 

  • Paint beautiful pansies, viola flowers, and leaves using the basic decorative comma stroke.  
  • Artist Sue Pruett uses a filbert paint brush to stroke double-loaded comma strokes layered to build the foundation of the petals.  
  • Sue's approach is to simply walk the student, step by step through the basic anatomy of the flower relative to its mass and form. 
  • In-depth explanations.






Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to paint flowers and leaves using double loaded comma strokes with a filbert brush. 
  • Learn how to add simple stroke embellishments to add interest and mood.
  • Learn how to use color temperature to create emphasis and attention. 



Palette – DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics

Warm White
Medium White 
Hansa Yellow 
Yellow Oxide 
Naphthol Red
Red Violet
Ultramarine Blue  
Dioxazine Purple
Sap Green
Ultramarine Blue  
Light Grey Mix #8
Medium Grey Mix #6
Dark Grey Mix #3

Traditions Mediums
Glazing Medium

Extender and Blending Medium
Satin Varnish



9 x 12 Canvas Panel or Masonite


Traditions Brushes

TB11 – 3/0 liner
TB31 – 4 flat
TB32 – 6 flat
TB33 – 8 flat
TB34 – 10 flat
TB35 – 12 flat
TB38 – 1” flat
TB41 – 6 filbert
TB42 – 8 filbert
TB43 – 10 filbert
TB51 – ¾ oval
TB101 – 0 mini mop

Wet Palette Container

Wax Palette Paper
Palette Knife
Kneaded Eraser
Paper Towels
Gray Graphite Paper
Clear Acetate or Tracing Paper
Sharpie™ Fine Point Permanent Pen

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