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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Acrylic - Red Geraniums by Sue Pruett MDA

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Acrylic -  Red Geraniums by Sue Pruett MDA



Acrylic Downloadable Painting Pattern - Contemporary Folk Art - Red Geraniums by Sue Pruett MDA

Artist Sue Pruett has chosen a traditional metal coal bucket as the surface for this floral painting. As with most folk art, the surface for the painted decoration serves a useful purpose. Decorative painters through out history have selected everyday objects and utencils to decorate the home. This tradition goes back to Early American painting. Folk Art styles such as Tole painting (painting on tin surfaces), Chippendale,and other simple decorative designs became popular in the 1800's. In the 1960's these decorative painting styles resurfaced and gained in popularity.

Sue designs a more contemporary floral motif to fit with today's decorating trends and colors.

Geraniums - Acrylic Painting Pattern:

  • Painted in acrylics this floral design can be easily adapted to any surface. 
  • The metal coal bucket can be ordered from Painters Paradise.   Designed for the beg-intermediate painter. 

This pattern includes:

  • This twelve page lesson comes with detail instructions, along with 
  • 20 step photos,
  • Line drawing of the design,
  • A full page of step by steps for painting the actual flower petals. 

Complementary colors of red and green are used to create a limited palette, and the color scheme also works well with Christmas holiday decorating.

Extender medium is used to ease the application of light and dark values and to extend the open time.

Palette: Artist Acrylics

Carbon Black 

Hansa Yellow 

Medium White

Naphthol Red

Naphthol Red Light

Ultramarine Blue

Warm White


Traditions Mediums

Glazing Medium Extender & Blending

Medium Multi-Surface Sealer Satin Varnish


Traditions Brushes

TB12 - 0 liner

TB11 - 3/0 liner

TB22 - 4 round

TB31 - 4 flat

TB33 - 8 flat

TB36 - ½” flat

TB37 – ¾” flat

TB38 - 1” Flat

TB41 - 6 filbert

TB42 - 8 filbert

TB91 - 8 dome blender

TB101 - 0 mini mop



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