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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Acrylic - Fruit Plate Still Life Painting - Acrylic - by Sue Pruett, MDA

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E-PAINTING PATTERN -  Acrylic - Fruit Plate Still Life Painting - Acrylic -  by Sue Pruett, MDA

Downloadable Painting Pattern

Media - Acrylic

Folk Art Painting - Fruit Still Life Painting with stenciling - Acrylic Downloadable Pattern: 

In Folk Art decorative painting, the design we choose has a lot to do with the style of surface we are working with. Sue Pruett selected a 14" wooden plate that can be used to add a touch of bright color to any home decor.

With traditional folk art painting, we can either choose a design to reflect the era or we can do something totally unusual, in this case the use of brighter colors was used to create a more modern flair.

Usually folk art designs can go on any surface by simply changing the design layout and or the painting techniques used. We can paint them with simple loose folk art methods or use more detailed painting styles. The choice is up to the artist.

Color coordination as well as style also plays a big role. Artist Sue Pruett has created a simple fruit motif on a rich dark background. She embelished the outer rim of the plate using a soft gold traditional stencil design. 

Palette of Colors: Artists Acrylics:  Burgundy, Carbon Black, Chrome Green Hue, Hansa Yellow, Medium Green, Naphthol Red, Sapphire Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Warm White, Yellow Oxide, Yellow Deep, True Gold, Raw Umber. 

Suggested Surfaces:

This simple fruit design can be easily adapted to fit any surface.  The wooden plate measures 14" with a 7" scoop in the middle. 

  • chair seats,
  • trays,
  • stools,


Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to create form and simple dimension.
  • Designed for the beg-intermediate painter. 
  • Learn to use Extender medium to extend the working time of the acrylic paint.

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