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E-Magazine - Focus on Color - Issue #12

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E-Magazine - Focus on Color - Issue #12

Art Apprentice Online E-Magazine is a collection of 10 painting projects  and interesting informative articles designed for Artist's.  Whether you are a seasoned artist or one who is curious and wants to learn more about painting and improve their skills,  this issue is for you!  

This e-magazine collection features several unique projects (some shown on the cover) with full painting lessons by many accomplished artists who share their skills through in-depth written articles and step by step painting lessons. Five of these lessons come with painting videos.

As always, there is something for everyone. There are several hours of video instructions included in each of our  issues. Artists who wish to learn the specific painting exercises can paint along with the teacher as she shares her painting tips and demonstrates on how to paint the particular subject.


The focus of each magazine is to showcase and feature a specific artistic concept. This issue's focus is on 'color'. All artists need to understand the concepts of color and how it is used relative to art and painting...the painting articles in this issue will explain how the artist used color and why certain colors and pigments were used. This helps the student artist understand the painting from another perspective.

When you purchase this product you will receive an automatically generated email Order Confirmation that contains a link for downloading the magazine.  It doesn't get any easier!


The ezine or e-magazine collection is packed full of color articles that explain many artistic principles. Some of these include articles about artists pigments, mixing color, skin tones for portrait painting and color schemes.

Artists Pigments - Art Apprentice Online - art ezine

Learning how to paint skin tones for portrait painting can be an overwhelming subject to master. In this painting article, Instructor Neadeen Masters takes the guess work out of it. Skin tones are explained and the subtle differences between skin colors are addressed. This article will become a 'go to' reference for future painting.


how to paint a hibiscus flower

Artist Gaby Hunter paints a brilliant orange hibiscus flower. For those of you interested in learning how to paint a hibiscus, Gaby has broken down the painting instructions into bite size pieces. This makes it easy to follow the painting lesson and learn from each step along the way. The Hibiscus painting lesson is followed by an article that takes a closer look at the colors used and how the artist chose to apply them. Students learn how to approach a subject using an underpainting for the initial steps.




Artist Sue pruett shares another painting lesson featuring a mini still life painting. (see below) In this lesson, students learn to apply color to create form and also learn how to apply a simple reflection.




Want to know more about painting reflections in water and understand what to look for? This article, featured below, will help you. Instructor Neadeen Masters breaks down the colors so you will understand the color relationships between the subject and the reflection. This is one of many technical articles addressing artistic concepts.


These are some of the acrylic painting lessons featured in this issue. A simple white daisy makes a big statement when painted on a large scale. Connie Clark describes how to use transparent color glazes to impart interest and form on the flower petals. This lesson is one of many that is accompanied by video demonstrations.









Get your magazine issue today...each to view, easy to read and you can download all the painting articles if you so wish. 

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  • 5

    Posted by Pat on 13th Jun 2016

    What a fantastic magazine. The beauty of it and all the wonderful information in it. I never expected anything like this. It is well worth your money. If you like to paint this is the magazine for you.

  • 5

    Posted by Margo on 31st Jan 2015

    I fell in love with the paintings in this magazine, and have been waiting for a sale to buy it! Got it for 50% off, and oh my goodness, it is SO worth the money I paid! So much information to learn and so many hours of videos! I do not think you can get anything like that on the market for this money! So far everything I bought from this school was just excellent!

  • 5
    AAO thank you, this is great.

    Posted by Claire Camire on 7th Mar 2014

    Thank you AAO for existing, this is the best on line art magazine I ever saw. I look forward to follow every advice you are giving. I will definitely buy others.

  • 5
    Issue 1012

    Posted by Natalia on 25th Dec 2013

    I just got stuck in front of my laptop and forgot about my daily routine, all issues i"d subscribed to are superb ! this one is not an exception, if you want to learn more about color , youshould grab it immediately THANK YOU!!!

  • 5
    The absolute best E-magazine!

    Posted by Barbara Jansma on 1st Nov 2013

    This one magazine I'm not going to be able to finish reading in a short time. The lessons along with the videos are thorough and such a bargain.

  • 5
    E Magazine Issue #12

    Posted by P. Nichols on 6th Jul 2013

    This issue is jam packed with great lessons, great tips in many categories and my favorite is the mixtures for skin and faces. Wonderful mixing exercises I cannot wait to do. Great magazine, I highly recommend it.

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jul 2013

    I wasn't sure what I was getting but have enjoyed looking through it and will definitely try some of the paintings.

  • 5
    Most informative, video's great for beginners.

    Posted by jean cipriano on 30th Jun 2013

    I was quite surprised to learn how much the E-Magazine covered. They didn't leave anything out, from beginner to the most advanced, there is something for everyone. Well worth the money.

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