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E-Book - Learn the Secrets to Painting Flowers - Sue Pruett MDA

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E-Book - Learn the Secrets to Painting Flowers - Sue Pruett MDA

Sue's Approach is Simple

Learning Outcome

Sue's goal is to help the artist to 'see' and paint flowers that are realistic.

  • Learn how to create twists, turns, folds, ruffles, flower centers and petal details so you will know how to paint a flower with confidence. All your flower paintings will illustrate greater realism. Sue's approach is to simply walk the student, step by step through the basic anatomy of the flower relative to its mass and form. With her in-depth explanations, you will come away with a greater love for painting floral themes as you will be better armed with the knowledge and skills to approach them with more confidence.
  • Have you ever wondered how artists know how to paint so many different varieties of flowers? This book will help you understand the shape of a flower petal and how easy that petal is to paint by dissecting the flower shape. Artist Sue Pruett is known for her love of gardening and painting flowers. In this foundational book, Sue explores different flower petal shapes and teaches the student how to recognize specific forms in the flower petals.








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