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E- Book - Introduction to Painting Fur by Moe Shier (includes 3 progressive lessons)

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E- Book - Introduction to Painting Fur by Moe Shier (includes 3 progressive lessons)


Painting animals - Introduction to Painting Fur, by artist (Moe) Maureen Shier 

This E-Book includes 3 progressive painting lessons. Join artist Maureen Shier as she shares her in-depth painting instructions with you. Moe is well known across North America for her beautiful animal portraits. Moe to her friends and students, has designed each lesson to teach the new painter the fundamental fur techniques. Each of the three painting lessons builds on the other. See the descriptions listed below. 

NOTE:This e-book contains 65 pages of written instructions for three excellent fur studies. The designs can be painted as instructed, or re-sized to fit any canvas size. Enlarged they make a stunning wildlife collection.

Save a copy to your hard drive or print off and save in a three rig binder for your future study.


Lesson One: This first design in lesson one, was created solely for the purpose of education; while at the same time have the student come away with a cute, functional piece. This ‘sleeping cat’ was designed to help the new painter gain a small insight into the beginnings of learning to paint simple animal fur and the important theory that this artist has found invaluable in creating them. A sleeping cat allotted me the opportunity to easily show those new to animal painting, the ‘simple shapes’ that are common in all painting, in both whimsical and realistic-like subjects. This is seen in the cylinder shape of the tail, the oval shape of the body and the sphere shape of the head. Couple this knowledge with the introduction of value in this subject and how it helps to create shape and form, made this cat design an easy task for the designer.


Lesson Two: builds on the techniques learned in lesson one for building more realistic fur. Techniques taught will demonstrate how properly placed strokes can create the illusion of more fur accomplished with less individual strokes. The same common toner used in lesson one is used here in this design; Raw Sienna. It is one of my favourites as it lends itself well to many ‘fur colours’. This design was no exception. Toning colour with its compliment is also used in the design. More in depth examples of how value adds to the shape of an object are covered when painting detailed eyes and will help draw the viewer to this area with use of contrast. The student is introduced to more ‘pure pigments’ used in the mixes and how using pure pigments will give the design more clarity. An introduction to glazing will also teach more about paint properties and how choosing them based on these properties, can help to build depth in the fur.


Lesson Three: In this lesson a more complex design is painted using the same principles for painting fur that was learned in the first two lessons. Even more detail is added when a build-up of glazed colour is introduced. When you couple that with the use of warm/cool pigments proper placed in the composition, a sharp contrast shows the play of light and shadows help to introduce a light source. It is always best to use the purest of pigments and also the brightest when choosing your palette as it doesn’t limit your range of values or intensity. The pure, semi-transparent hues in this palette allowed me to adjust the intensity to easily show the light source and create the great contrast in the shadow areas. Many of the colours I chose for this design were based on their transparency as this allowed me to layer the fur with glazes while permitting the background colour to show through and helped to create density in the fur.



About The Artist: Moe Shier’s artistic interest began when she started to sketch horses! She actually began her painting career in the earlier eighties and after she pulled that first stroke, was totally hooked! It has been her passion every since. When one couples that passion with her love of animals one shouldn’t be surprised by the chosen direction to painting them. Moe truly enjoys teaching people how to paint their pet’s portrait and this success resulted in two books, several packets and booklets, a CD book and numerous publications in painting magazines. Moe has taught internationally at conventions, private studios, guilds and retreats and is a proud member of several artists’ groups, such as the Society of Decorative Painters and the AAO Art Community..

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  • 5

    Posted by Marina on 24th Dec 2012

    Beautiful E-book. Excellent!! There is also a worksheet to paint cat's eye. Projects to paint wild animals with short fur are very beautiful.

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Carmen on 16th Aug 2012

    Excellent presentation of the contents.

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