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E-Book - How To Know When Your Painting Is Finished? - 'Am I Done Yet?' by Artist Neadeen Masters

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How To Know When Your Painting Is Finished?

Am I Done Yet?

A Checklist for Knowing When Your Painting Is Finished

In other words - Know when to Quit Messing with your Painting!

By Artist and Teacher Neadeen Masters


The Struggle:

A common struggle for many artists is when to quit…How Do I know when my painting is finished?

The canvas is covered, every element has been painted in, and now you begin to play…and play…and eventually overwork…Sound familiar? You’re not alone; everyone has done this.

Over the years I have compiled a mental checklist that helps me analyze my paintings, evaluating how to make adjustments and corrections.

It’s a more efficient way to bring my painting to the next level and nearer to completion rather than undoing all the good stuff and painting in relentless circles.


Following the Rules:

When we learned how to paint, we also learned to follow some rules. These rules are established guidelines that make a successful painting worthy of our signature.

The principles and rules apply to creating original compositions. But even if we are reproducing a work of art for study purposes, we can still learn how to improve what we paint.

When we evaluate our painting, it’s best to do so while we are developing the painting and again when we think we are nearing the end. This helps catch mistakes and make small corrections before they get out of control.

Learn How to Evaluate Your Paintings

In this booklet, I have shared with you all the subjects I explore to evaluate my work. I have provided dozens of questions on each of the subjects for you to ask yourself and help you to 'see' what needs to be adjusted and corrected before you finalize your painting.

I hope this booklet will make your painting journey that much more successful and interesting for you...Our goal is always beauty...

Remember this..."Our next painting is our best painting!"

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    Am I done yet

    Posted by Ernie Hatt on 2nd Oct 2018

    Very well written and most useful information.

  • 5
    Wonderful Investment

    Posted by Barbara Cassidy on 3rd Jan 2015

    A great new E-Book. Neadeen is a gifted artist as well as a gifted writer. This is so well put together. I am going to say "easy read," but not in the way of lacking material. It's a book that you can read, comprehend and put to use with your painting skills of any level.

  • 5
    Excellent!!...All great tips and information ....

    Posted by Helen Tulip on 1st Jan 2015

    Thanks to Neadeen Masters ...once again she has given back to the community with this excellent Ebook....using this along with the many painting lessons available at AAO, art has never been easier....!!!.... Great job Neadeen.

  • 5
    It was a tremendous help.

    Posted by Joy Smith on 1st Jan 2015

    Because I am a new, sometimes confused painter, it gave me guidlines to help with the "how do I fix this mess" situation I often fine myself in. Thank Neadeen for all the work, time and effort that went into writing this article. Joy of VA1229

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