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E- Book - Elements & Principles of Art Pro - 271 pages, in-depth study in Principles of Design

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Throughout this e-book, each of these elements and principles will be explored so the artist learns what they mean, how they are used and in what context. This starts developing the creative process in a methodical manner.

   E-Book Discover the Elements Of Art

           The building blocks for creating good art

Written by five artists/teachers who understand the challenges faced by those struggling with design and composition. 
271 Pages - Explore 17 Design Principles

What will I learn? 

  • This e-book introduces you to the most important elements of art and the principles of design. This e-book is intended for you to use as an innovative guideline for good composition.
  • You will learn how and why artists use the elements of art to create good artwork.
  • With our lesson plans you will learn how the use of color, value, line, shape, form, texture, space, and contrast to give your artwork a unique flavor and help you develop an authentic artistic footprint that reflects you the artist.
  • Discover what is meant by the principles of design, such as; movement, repetition, unity, balance, visual patterning, emphasis, variety, contrast, proportion, and scale.
  • You will learn how these concepts have been used by famous artists in the past, and how these most important concepts can be used by YOU for creating and organizing your compositions.






The Goal of this E-Book? - Throughout this 271 page E-book, you will find excellent lesson plans with graphic examples, colored photographs, in-depth explanations, articles, and quizzes to help you undertand and apply each of these rules to your own art. The principles of art are explored in such a way that they help reinforce their correct use. The artist not only learns what they mean, but how they are used and in what context.


  • Your confidence and creativity will grow.
  • You will become a more confident and knowledgable artist.
  • These are the building blocks of all composition and design - Knowing art elements start and develop the creative process in a methodical manner. Some artists have an innate ability to work their way through these processes by using 'gut' instinct and trial and error.
  • You can save frustration by knowing and understanding art elements that change the way you approach composition in general. These design principles are explained so the process becomes automatic once they are understood. Like driving a car, we learn that one of the first steps is placing the key in the ignition, so too will you have the knowledge to turn the key and unlock the hidden secrets of good design.

Save a copy on your hard drive or print and

save in a 3-ring binder for your future study




These are the building blocks used to create a good composition!
Excellent Lesson Plans Will Teach You The Building Blocks Of All Good Art!

 Start creating your own original compositions today

Knowledge IS POWER!


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  • 5
    Great Reference!

    Posted by Pamela Lewis on 9th Mar 2015

    Thank you to all that contributed to putting this working book together! I have printed it and have had a chance to thumb through it and have found valuable information presented in an easy to understand format - I look forward to a more through understanding of Artistic compositions and the "mechanics" of creating beautiful pieces of art.

  • 5
    Very Thorough, easy to read and answer the questions.

    Posted by Judith Wellemeyer on 22nd Sep 2014

    Finally we have a book on composition, perspective, etc., that is easy to understand. This is something I have needed in my painting journey--the missing piece in my education. Thanks to all the teachers for compiling such an educational, beautiful book. I am eager to finish it. Judy

  • 5

    Posted by PAT STEPHENS on 18th Sep 2014

    It is very very informative. Thank you for all you help and support. Pat

  • 5
    Very well written

    Posted by Norma Akkelian on 6th Dec 2012

    I highly recommend this book, a great learning tool. Useful information, easy to follow, great visuals, learning at my fingertips. I like Ebooks and Emagazines, having everything stored in one place, easy access.

  • 5
    Comprehensive Information

    Posted by Anne Gemmell on 1st Dec 2012

    Wonderful fully detailed study material.

  • 5
    Learning more with each chapter

    Posted by Sheliah Lonian on 5th Nov 2012

    I am really enjoying this book. It is informative, and well written. The photo examples work wonderfully with the text. Although, I have only finished with the first chapter, I know that I have already learned so much! Thanks again AAO!

  • 5
    Very Impressed!

    Posted by Val C - Canada on 5th Nov 2012

    Excellent e-book. i will value the great information provided. Really enjoying this product. Thank you.

  • 5
    Wonderful Resource

    Posted by Mary Lynne from Arizona on 4th Nov 2012

    Informative, clearly written, wonderful examples, easy to understand A great educational tool Well organized Congratulations, AAO, and thanks for making this available.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Nov 2012

    Very informative and a great learning tool. Great job putting materials together that is easy to understand. Thanks and congrat's AAO!

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