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DVD - Painting Birds - House Finch Study - by Artist Connie Clark

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DVD -  Painting Birds - House Finch Study - by Artist Connie Clark

Painting Birds In Acrylic - House Finch Study by Connie Clark

If you would like to learn how to paint birds this little House Finch is a simple and easy design to start with. Paint along with Connie in this two and half hour video as she takes you through each step to complete your very own painting of the House Finch.

  • Learn how to work with Extender and Blending Medium.
  • Learn to paint a mottled background - Extender is applied to the surface to create a mottled background using a wet in wet technique.
  • Brush mixing - this easy type of mixing is used to create a softer and more natural look to the bird.
  • Learn how to block-in color for form. The body of the Finch is blocked in using colors that are brush mixed on a wax palette and a dirty brush is used until all elements have been blocked in.
  • Learn how to adapt a liner brush to be used as a small rake brush for developing tiny feathers.The fine details of the chest and belly area are applied with a liner brush and using color transparently.
  • Learn to create color harmony with tints - Apply tints with transparent pigments.


Products used

Palette: DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics


Brown Madder – (PR 175)

Burnt Umber – (PBr 7)

Carbon Black – (PBk 7)

Medium Beige

Medium White

Naphthol Red Light – (PR 9)

Phthalo Green-Blue – (PG 7)

Prussian Blue Hue

Raw Umber – (PBr 7)

Titanium White – (PW 6)

Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (PY42)

Warm White

Yellow Oxide – (PY 42)


Mediums –DecoArt Traditions:

Extender & Blending Medium DATM02

Multi-Surface Sealer DATM03

Satin Varnish DATM04


DecoArt Traditions Brushes

TB11 – 3/0 Liner

TB13 – 3 Kolinsky Quill

TB21 – 3 Round

TB38 – 1” Flat

TB41 – 6 Filbert

TB42 – 8 Filbert

TB81 – 3/8” Rake

TB82 – ¾” Rake

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