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DVD - Montauk Springs Landscape Painting by artist Bill Bayer - Oil or Acrylic

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Bill Bayer DVD Painting Lesson in oil and acrylic - Montauk Springs Landscape Painting


 Painting DVD

Landscape Studies Vol 2 – Montauk Springs Landscape Painting




Landscape Painting DVD

This is the third in a series of painting DVD's by Bill on landscape painting using the techniques he has learned throughout his career.  As Bill has said, “This is the kind of video I was looking for early on in my painting career.”   Using the “Old Masters” techniques of transparent under painting with opaque over painting.

Bill demonstrates how to take a photograph, from drawing to the final highlights, and render it into a completed painting.  Of the many things that will be taught are the use of value in the landscape, color mixing , brush handling and the use of the palette knife.



Palette - Permalba oil paints by Martin F Weber

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue

Alizarin Crimson

Ivory Black

Burnt Sienna

Cadmium Red Light

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Yellow Light

Indian Yellow

Titanium White


Medium:  Turpenoid Odorless Turp.


Traditions Acrylic Paint Conversions

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue

Alizarin Crimson

Carbon Black

Naphthol Red Light

Perinone Orange

Hansa Yellow Light

Indian Yellow

Titanium White


Medium:  Extender & Blending Medium


Surface:  12 x 16 stretched canvas or surface of your choice.


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