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E-PAINTING PATTERN - The Jester - Acrylic Painting Pattern - by Artist Neadeen Masters

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Learn to Paint this whimsical acrylic painting featuring a fun Jester figure.

Downloadable painting pattern. 

The Jester is an acrylic painting pattern with a bit of a whimsical theme. For those artists who love Jester figures like I do, these step by step painting instructions will help you create a fun and fanciful painting.

In the lesson's instructions, I have also included information relative to each of the art principles used in the painting. If you are relatively new to painting, you will find this helpful information as it is explained with in the context of this painting lesson.

Designed for the Intermediate artist who has prior experience with basic form and color mixing.

Objectives in this lesson

  • Learn about mixing simple 'mother colors' for the design.
  • Discover how to use toners for adjusting color intensity and value.
  • Develop a ‘Center of Interest’ area.

Palette: DecoArt Traditions

Carbon Black Pbk7

Hansa Yellow PY74

Naphthol Red PR170

Naphthol Red Light PR9

Phthalo Blue PB15: 3

Raw Sienna PBr7

Raw Umber PBr7

Titanium White Opaque PW6

Ultramarine Blue PB29

Yellow Oxide PY42

Pine Green

Warm White

Medium White

Quinacridone Gold

Medium Beige

Extender & Blending Medium

Satin Varnish

Glazing Medium

#6 Filbert

#8 Filbert

#10 Filbert

#1 Liner

3/8 angle brush

¾” wash or large flat brush (any brand) – for background

1 small mini mop for ‘softening’ brush strokes

1” large mop

Domed Blender for soft dry brushing technique (creating high lights)

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