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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Inner Beauty - Magnolia Flower - Acrylic by Lynnette Horn

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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Inner Beauty - Magnolia Flower - Acrylic by Lynnette Horn



Downloadable Painting Pattern 

Inner Beauty - Magnolia Flower - Acrylic by Lynnette Horn

Have you ever wondered how to paint a magnolia flower? In this painting pattern, artist Lynette Horn describes and shares with you her approach to painting this beautiful white flower. 

It is not always easy to develop true form when painting white flowers, so Lynnette shows how she uses values of grey to establish the form of each flower petal.

This pattern comes complete with

  • step by step photographs and
  • written instructions as well as
  • a line drawing so you can follow along and create this lovely painting.

Also included is the list of painting palette and other painting supplies used for this acrylic design.

***This pattern is ready for your immediate download.

Palette: DecoArt®Traditions Artist Acrylics

Blue Grey

Burnt Sienna – (PBr 7) Burnt Umber – (PBr 7) Carbon Black – (PBk 7) Dark Grey Value

Hansa Yellow – (PY 74) Light Grey Value Medium White

Opaque White – (PW6)

Permanent Alizarin Crimson (PR177) Phthalo Green-Yellow – (PG 36) Raw Umber – (PBr 7)

Sap Green Warm White

Yellow Oxide – (PY 43)


Mediums –DecoArt®Traditions: Extender Medium

Extender & Blending Medium DATM02 Multi-Surface Sealer DATM03

Satin Varnish DATM04


DecoArt®Traditions Brushes

TB11 – 3/0 Liner

TB21 – 3 Round TB51 – ¾” Oval TB72 – ¼” Angle TB74 – ½” Angle

TB91 – 8 Dome Blender TB101 – 0 Mini Mop TB111 – 3/8” Blender Mop TB141 – 1 ½” Camel Mop


Misc. Supplies

8x10” Gessoed board Ultra-fine sand paper

Transparency film or acetate/mylar (to create a working pattern) Fine point Sharpie® permanent marker

Palette knife Paper towels Painter’s sponge Blow dryer

White and grey tracing paper Ballpoint pen


Wax palette Sealed palette



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