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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Fun and Easy Spring Flowers - Retro 60’s style by Donna Richards

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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Fun and Easy Spring  Flowers - Retro 60’s style by Donna Richards

Downloadable Painting Pattern

media- acrylics

This quick and easy 60’s retro style design features colorful flowers that are perfect for the little wall space that needs brightening up with something fresh and fun! Add flower power to your contemporary décor!  Fun to paint and fun to have on the wall!   

The original design was painted with the new Americana Premium Acrylics.  A few mixes are created by combining two or three colors on a waxed palette, but the majority of the beautiful bold colors are used just as they come from the tubes.  The paints dry with a shine so you can see just how they will look as you progress through the painting!  A conversion for painting with Traditions Acrylic is listed . . . . or you can easily substitute any similar colors.

Surface:  9”x12” canvas, smooth board or surface of your choice.  If you want to paint this design larger just enlarge the line drawing accordingly.    Watercolor canvas is perfect for acrylic painting and  it is recommended for any painting.

 Palette:  DecoArt™ Americana Premium Acrylics (The  colors are  listed in parenthesis are for Traditions)

DTA04 Cadmium Red Hue  (Naphthol Red)

DTA05 Quinacridone Red  (Naphthol Red + touch of Red Violet)

DTA12 Cadmium Orange Hue ( Perinone Orange                                                                                   

DTA17 Hansa Yellow Medium ( Hansa Yellow Medium)

DTA21 Yellow Green Light (Phthalo Green + Titanium White + a touch of yellow to get the light green leaf color)

DTA26 Phthalo Green-Yellow (Phthalo Green Yellow)  or Phthalo Green + Hansa Yellow Medium

DTA29 Cobalt Teal Hue (Aquamarine)

DTA36 Dioxazine Purple (Dioxazine Purple)

DTA37 Carbon Black – (Carbon Black)

DTA40 Titanium White­­­­­­ – (Titanium White)


DecoArt™ Americana Premium Mediums:

White Gesso DTAM0  (This is not needed if you use a smooth Watercolor canvas)


DecoArt Traditions Brushes

1” Flat for background (TB38)

#8 Filbert (TB42) or #5 Round (TB23)

#2 Long bristled Liner


Miscellaneous supplies

Transfer Paper

Tracing Paper


Scotch Tape

C-thru Ruler

Grey Chalk Pencil or Hard Lead Pencil

Ultra Fine Permanent Marker (Sharpie)

Water container, Waxed Palette, Paper Towels

Small roller brush (optional)

Palette knife

Soft art eraser

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