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Downloadable e-Pattern Packet - White Wine Glass - How to Paint Transparent Glass by Sue Pruett MDA - Acrylic

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Downloadable e-Pattern Packet -  White Wine Glass - How to Paint Transparent Glass by Sue Pruett MDA - Acrylic

Introduction to Painting Glass - White Wine Glass Still Life


Artist and teacher Sue Pruett provides step by step instructions and photographs that takes the student through the painting process.   This electronic lesson includes 15 pages of written text focusing on the basics of painting glass, and step photos how to paint the wine glass.  The first five pages focus on the theory concepts of how to paint transparent objects, the next 10 pages are step by step detailed instructions painting the wine glass.  

This lesson is packed with information addressing the important concepts related to painting glass such as transparency, light, and form.  Still Life concepts are always reinforced in Sue's materials.  Extender medium is used to ease the application of light and dark values, showing the artist how to create soft gradations of color using acrylics.

Sue writes:  As an artist I find glass fascinating to study especially setting up my own still life designs and photographing them. What fascinates me the most is how difficult I thought it would be to depict a realistic piece of glass but how easy it is to paint once you understand the concepts. Just like anything else we paint the artist must understand the theory of value, light source, color, intensity, form, and shadows in order to paint glass.

Traditions Artist Acrylics

Medium Grey Value 6

Medium White

Warm White

Carbon Black

Ultramarine Blue

Indian Yellow

Yellow Deep

Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide

Titanium White

Traditions Mediums

Extender and Blending Medium

Glazing Medium

Satin Varnish

DecoArt Gesso (optional)


Traditions Brushes

TB11 – 3/0 Liner

TB21 – 3 Round

TB38 – 1” Flat

TB43 – 8 Filbert

TB44 – 10 Filbert

TB92 – 10 Dome Blender

TB101 – 0 Mini Mop

TB102 – 1 Mini Mop

TB111 – 3/8 Blender Mop


T-Square Ruler

Wax Palette Paper

Wet Palette Container

Black Extra Fine Permanent Pen

Clear Acetate,  White Graphite Paper

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