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Downloadable e-Pattern Packet - Cat Nap by Gary Jenkins - Oil

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Downloadable e-Pattern Packet - Cat Nap by Gary Jenkins - Oil

This cute painting is perfect for any cat lover!   If you haven't had a lot of experience painting a cat before this is a good place to start since you don't see the entire cat.  

Learn to paint the softness of a kittens fur with detailed step by step written instructions.   Many close up reference photos are included along with the line drawing and a full size reference photo of the finished painting.

Although this was painted with oils,  those familiar with the use of other mediums can convert and paint in their desired medium whether it be acrylic paint or colored pencil.



Acrylic Paints:  Black and White

Oil Paints:

Ivory Black

Titanium White

Sap Green (Grumbacher Pre -Tested)

Cadmium Orange

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow

Light Mauve or Violet

Cerulean Blue

Burnt Sienna

Cadmium Red Light

Thalo Red Rose

Alizarin Crimson



Small soft bristle fan

Mop blender

# 3 or # 4 sable round

1/2 inch synthetic flat

1/4 inch synthetic flat

Small sable liner ( script )



Odorless thinner

Linseed oil 

Liquin (optional) a few drops mixed into medium as a fast drier.


Miscellaneous Supplies:

Disposable sponge brush

Disposable paper palette

Soft paper towels



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